Hi Steem, meet Splash

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Hi Steem,

Please meet Splash:






Splash follows the Whaleshares design of extreme simplicity and tipping. It will not have a "claim daily reward" anti-feature like Whaleshares does, however.

Holders of powered-up blurt, as well as holders of powered-up WLS are eligible to get splash when it launches. We're looking to take a snapshot on 2/28.

Exact instructions for participating in the airdrop are pending.

Work on Splash's UI is likely to happen primarily after the chain is running -- I am exploring my concept of baby blockchains


When looking at Blurt vs Steem, I'd encourage you to look under the hood-- I know that to some, that's not an important thing, but we felt it mattered at Blurt.

Staked BLURT + Staked WLS = Splash Genesis State



Saw your post on Blurt and followed you here. I am doing a resteem. Perhaps someone from my following would like to ....

Great! Let's bring more awareness about Splash here in Steemit.

You finally posted on Steemit. Nice to meet you.
I'm not sure what Splash is, but I'll know over time.

Infographic coming later today.

Awesome.... Splash, Blurt, Bling, Steem to the Moon.... 🚀 🌙

Great to see you here too @jacobgadikian ....

know how you built out #blurt on noise.cash?

Erm, most of these folks are about to miss an airdrop either because an exchange is holding their tokens, or because they haven't stepped over to blurt to check it out.

Let's help them not miss out.

I will try to let people know about the Blurt Splash and Bling Airdrops .... are there some graphics I can use ? Splash 💦 or 🤑 💍 logos ? Emojis etc ?


It looks like Splash chamber is created in noise... just wanted to check if it's something that you created? If yes then let's make it the official chamber over there.

I can’t remember ... I know I created Bling ... https://noise.cash/n/bling

I created a bunch and now I can’t remember which ones ...lol

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