BTC is the world's best money

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The other day I wrote briefly about BTC being flawed.

I meant every word I said. That's what I believe is an accurate assessment of the situation with Bitcoin.

Now, let's assess the world, shall we?

This is gonna be a little depressing. So the thing is that while I fully believe the bitcoin has some deep and fundamental flaws, most importantly halving every four years instead of on a gradient, it's the worlds best money at present.

Here's an actual message I just sent to my dad, @randygad

you should study asset prices and commodity prices and come to a very disturbing realization about the long-term value of the United States dollar. I'm actually writing about it right now and what I'm saying is that if you wish to sustain wealth in the coming 5 to 10 years, you are going to need to be prepared to juggle the composition of your wealth or you will pay a very heavy tax for not doing so.

But it gets worse: the entire concept of capital gains taxes completely screwed over everyone who is not in a highly privileged position or hiding their wealth and generally ensuring that certain funds are not tied to their identity, taking on significant risk.

eg: average folks will be unable to "juggle their wealth"-- they will not have any wealth to juggle.

Upper-middle class will be heavily penalized if they juggle due to the associated costs of doing so, legally.

Rich can afford an army of attys and corporate formation and so can juggle at will.

Lol and the middle class? It doesn't exist, my friends.

If you're reading this on blurt, then you are probably a participant in the formation of a new, and far more dynamic system and conception of wealth.

I can't advise you, because I don't know what's going on, and I'm (in some circles, and not in others) well-known I guess.

Here are some non-financial hedges that you can make to reduce your exposure to market risk:

  • Eat well
  • Exercise
  • Spend time with your family
  • Build strong relationships in your community
  • Take care of your emotional well-being / mental health

Those help a great deal.

What I do, personally

  • limit dollar exposure
  • re-evaluate positions monthly
  • create
    • software
    • communities
    • networks
    • companies
    • text
    • tweets
    • video
  • teach
    • the value of education cannot be overstated. Teaching is an absolute powerhouse skill.
  • practice gratitude and kindness

The bull case

We break down our countries into micro states that are about the size of a proof of stake block chain. People move freely between microstates. It's like the cosmos network, but for people and land.

To me, once delegation came into play (post Peercoin specifically @beerchemist) POS was no longer about consensus or software, but instead about productively organizing (coordinating) humans.

We kill moloch or reduce his influence over our lives.

Hyper-prototype at

...but that's nothing, really

The bear case

The bear case is not crypto being made illegal, that almost doesn't matter now.

The bear case is crypto and its related technology being used against you, to reinforce the existing systems.

The bear case is that we do not catch the opportunity discussed in meditations on moloch.

Do not miss it.

crypto equity

Why I criticize Bitcoin

Well, it's certainly not to try and pump Blurt. Blurt's not money and it's not trying to be money. Blurt is a community and a decentralized content network. Bitcoin is better money than Blurt. Blurt is a far better place to keep content than Bitcoin.

Get what I mean?

I criticize Bitcoin because I love the ideas and ideals, and the community around it.

I lust after something better than the dollar, better systems and a better world.

Bitcoin is better than the dollar, but we can do better than Bitcoin, and we will.

But it won't be the same thing, and that's totally okay.

No, I don't think Gno will replace Bitcoin. I don't know what will. But I think it represents a huge improvement in distributed computing, speaking generally.

And it'll be built upon, and improved.

Look towards simple systems, and remember that Bitcoin is valuable due to its scope restriction. Be suspicious of anything that claims to solve it all.

Nothing ever will.




I'll see you often. How are you?

HI Lucifer!

I am doing well.

Currently I'm planning a trip to HCMC, should be a nice time. In D11 near the airport in HCMC, there's the world's second best kongguksu.

Might be d10. It's been a long time since I visited Saigon. (see how I satisfied both Southern and Northern audiences, while in fact satisfying neither :P ? )


"Well, it's certainly not to try and pump Blurt. Blurt's not money and it's not trying to be money. Blurt is a community and a decentralized content network. Bitcoin is better money than Blurt. Blurt is a far better place to keep content than Bitcoin."

나는 이것에서 당신의 생각을 읽는다.
당신에게서는 휴머니스트를 느낄수있다.

내가 당신을 만나고자 하는 이유가 이안에 다 들어있다.
코로나가 아직은 우리의 만남을 방해하고있다.

많은 사람들의 행복을 만들어 내려는 당신의 개발 능력과 생각에 박수를 보낸다.

Next, we're going to fix the holes in Blurt's economy so we can expand the community :)

나는 당신에 능력을 마음껏 느껴보고싶은 사람입니다. 꼭 그렇게 해주기를 바랍니다.

Bitcoin is kind of like Gold ... but going up in value much faster. I’m not sure I would ever use Gold or Bitcoin as money. It sure is nice to have some.

Yes absolutely right, Bitcoin is also good for investment

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