The Blue Paper has been translated into French!

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The Blue Paper finally in french !

With the massive arrival of new French-speaking users, I thought it was important to translate the Blue Paper, which is an a bridged version of the Steem White Paper for the general public, and more specifically, for content creators.

Comprendre-Steem (“Understanding Steem”) already had the chance to (collaboratively) translate the White Paper into French. This time, for the Blue Paper, we have called upon professionals.

I encourage everyone to read the Blue Paper to get a better understanding of what Steem is and how it works.

If you’re feeling courageous and want to know more, you can deepen your knowledge of Steem by reading the White Paper, which you can download here, in English. You can download the French version here.

As a reminder, both the Blue Paper and the White Paper show the concept and values of Steem as well as the way those values have been implemented into the blockchain.

You can find the Blue Paper in French on the Comprendre-Steem website and on GitHub.

A more accurate second translation

The BluePaper has apparently been translated twice by two Steem users. However, as you will see, there are two problems:

  1. The document is only accessible through Crowdin provided you are registered on the platform.

  2. The document was translated by non-professionals who used Google Translate and a French/English dictionary.

This resulted in incorrect French sentences, many spelling mistakes, or meaning less words/sentences. Moreover, some technical terms (such as Token and Proof-of-Brain) have been translated even though leaving them in the original language would have been more appropriate.

I would like to point out that translation is a real job. It shouldn’t be left to improvisation, even if someone does it with the best intentions (and GoogleTranslate...).

That is why we wanted to give you this final translation. This version was translated and revised by three young people who are going to get their translation degree soon.

As you can see here under, we have even copy-paste the exact form of the original Blue Paper


Please note that for the White Paper, Steemit Inc. has designated Comprendre-Steem as the depositary of the French version. In the same way, the Blue Paper will stay onComprendre-Steem’s GitHub . However, as with any open source file, anyone can take it and use it however they like.


Merci infiniment pour tous tes efforts

Avec plaisir @swefian

There is a great vision here you have shown to more people. Thankyou.

sure , i will try to translate it in arabic langage

Of course @surfyogi, thank you

I realized that there are more and more German users around and it's great to read that same happens with French-speaking users! :) I'll try to translate my posts into all the languages that I'm capable of writing in (English, French and German).

But what I'm still missing is a variety of multi-language tools on Steem. For now, the overall experience on Steemit is in "English with (sometimes) multi-lingual workarounds".

For example I see

  • content that is handling several languages in a single post. That means you have to scroll past all the other languages. Moreover, it leads to sometimes quite complex post titles.
  • one post per language for the same content with fills your newsfeed unnecessarily
  •, and so on are all completely in English. That also requires you to share the French version of the Blue Paper on and GitHub. Or in other words: a completely different place in the world wide web.

All this makes everything around Steem less structured (e. g. a French Newbie informing himself on might never find your French version of the Blue Paper) and less comfortable to use.

As you demonstrated greatly (thanks a lot for that! :)) and as I know from my own experience, big communities have the power to translate their platforms themselves (look at Facebook). Plus: Steemit members could be rewarded for their work.

But there is still no possibility to actually use that "power" to create multi-lingual platforms around the Steem blockchain (following the example of, at least for the platform, not for the content).

Hopefully this comment was the right place to share my opinion :)

Whoops, that comment turned out longer than I expected it to be :D

Nice, I think there should be more projects to translate important Steem documents into other languages as it can allow Steemit to grow all over the world!

I agree, we try everyday :D

WHAOUU le livre sacré de #Steemit.

J'y ai fait un petit tour, car c'est quasiment IMPOSSIBLE de tout voir en si peu de temps, et c'est tout simplement un travail titanesque ! Qui me sera très utile pour bien débuter, merci !

Entraide et partage, l'essence même de steemit !

Bonne découverte @stockjobber, ravie que ça te soit utile

Great job, Roxane! It was great talking to you in Berlin. Hope we can take ideas further - how can I contact you?

Thank you :D @lrock

Discord : Roxane#6172
Busy Chat : @roxane
Steemit Chat : roxane

Great work done by you for the community awesome :D

Great Job ! Thanks to everyone involved :-D

That is indeed a nice work !

Thank you so much @rehan12

Merci beaucoup, je vais pouvoir aller potasser tout ça :) !

Excellente lecture @baloox

Effectivement c’est très long à lire, je vais étudier ça en profondeur de retour chez moi.

Wow great job keep it up. Thanks for this great post👍😁👏👏👏👏👏🎉

Thank you