Jamming Around The World

in bluegrass •  6 months ago


So these are some pictures from traveling around Bangkok. The top one is a street taxi gang that I hung out with all night. I was walking around playing music and they invited me to join there gathering as they were watching the Thai Boxing championship on tv. I played music and they feed me beers, liquor and some of the best food I have ever eaten

To the top right is my friends I met at the Night Train Market in Bangkok. They had a antique store and we jammed till the market was over. Such good people. They invited me back for the next week and that is where the bottom two pictures come from. The lower left is the Original Thai Banjo Lady. She is the only lady that people have known to play the banjo in Thailand. She was amazing and absolutely had a love for my new banjo and we were both equally thrilled to play with each other. Then the last picture was a big group that joined us the next week.

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