More Than 500 Millions Potential Subscriber That No Blogger Write for them Yet On Steemit

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After couple months on steemit reading, up-voting, posting and commenting I have see only posts about steemit, introduce your self , cryptos, blockchain, some travel and photography but non of most topics searched by millions people every day.

Steemit is a social network means a mix of information in all different topic, let's take Reddit as example if we search for any thing we will find social network in google results where we can find all kind of people and they talk about every thing. 

Here is a real example : if we search for the word fishing on google (one of the most competitive keywords) we find Reddit in the 5th position on the first page of google but we can't find Steemit in the first or second page, why: the answer is pretty easy there is no category on steemit called fishing, proof on the image:

Why people don't find steemit on google first page:

Steemit is a baby and was created since couple months we all know about that but steemit also has more than 2000 bloggers with unique content what exactly google spiders are looking for, content is king all bloggers know about that too but they didn't start blogging yet, no blogger is writing about what people are looking for.

People can't know about steemit if Steemit people don't talk about, people can't ask for something unknown, I can't ask google : Hey Google tell me about some thing I don't know, that's insane.

Why bloggers need more subscribers on steemit : 

Most of bloggers try to do their best for money some earn others no, why: because there is not enough people on steemit, let's take an example if steemit has 100 millions subscriber and only 3% up-vote your post but every up-vote give you ~ 0.01$ , 3% of 100 millions = 3 millions, multiply by 0.01$= 30 000$ , it's huge so every body can make a lot of money.

I'm talking just about money that you can make on steemit and there is other opportunity for example you are writing reviews about tv's brands , companies can contact you and ask you to review some other products and they pay you for that review because you have millions of followers on steemit.

50 categories don't exist on steemit searched by more than 500 million person every month:

I have make a list of most topic searched every month, I will give you also 3 first search proofs from Google Adwodrs, just to make to post easy to read and not too long:

1/ News :  37,200,000 unique search per month only for this word not for all other related keywords , here is the proof 

2/  Restaurants near me: You can write about restaurants in your city , this word is searched by 6,120,000 person every month, check the image :


3/ Movies: Searched by  7,480,000 people every month, just this word of course and here is the third proof:

And here is the rest of the 50 topic that bloggers can write about :

  • cheap flights  
  • horoscope  
  • unblocked games  
  • mortgage calculator 
  • games  
  • love quotes  
  • restaurants  
  • social security  
  • pill identifier 
  • earth day quiz  
  • periodic table 
  • tis the season  
  • halloween 
  • quots  
  • cheap tickets  
  • cars  
  • reverse phone lookup 
  • scrabble word finder  
  • school closing  
  • once upon a time  
  • home  
  • flight jobs 
  • beauty fitness  
  • make-up 
  • Wood 
  • economy  
  • SEO search engine optimization  
  • book reviews  
  • products reviews  
  • decoration  
  • software  
  • hardware  
  • tutorial how to 
  • hotels review and tips  
  • recycle  
  • adventure  
  • dogs training  
  • cats training  
  • birds training  
  • fishing  
  • hunting 
  • educations blogs 
  • town culture  
  • music  
  • fish tanks and tanks


Lets make Steemit huge guys , if we can love steemit enough steemit will love us, lets make new topics and blog about every thing , check successful what they talk about, check successful bloggers like  stellabelle , cryptoctopus , sean-king , craig-grant and all successful guys what they blog about, I hope that help you and thank you for reading.


"check successful guys like @stellabelle"

I have to correct you there on the gender. ;)

Good article though! We are growing immensely on a daily basis! This chart is really exciting too:
Currently ranked 18.635th most used sites worldwide!

I think you don't read the post , can you please read it again!

I did read it. I just mean that we are still very early. Subscriber amount and tags that will start trending depending on interests like on other social platforms will come with time. We just hit 50k accounts and I'm guessing not all of them are unique but most are. With more users (500k-1mil) a lot more will start following people and give them the votes they want or feel they deserve. We don't even have a feature for the follow function yet, that's how early this beta is still in!

More and more tags will start trending like subreddits or facebook pages do every day, all we need is time, adoption and it will take care of itself. The groundwork has already been built and is standing stronger than any other!


Thanks for the article Ben. Looks like we can benefit from this lack of topic coverage if we step up to the plate and blog about any area (especially if it interests us).
I will be keeping a close eye on your posts :)

Thank bro :)

So, you are blogger. Nice to meet you. I like Google Adwords when it comes to target keywords you know..

Yeah I'm blogger and trader , nice to meet you too :)

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I'm good for a dollar thirteen.

Oh thanks bro , hope the post be helpful for every body , thank you so much :)

Great, Just waiting for steemit to put all sites behind.

steemit will be huge trust me bro :)

I agree with you and see this problem too. And the main problem is not that people do not write about everything - problem is that they do not encourage. For example, today I wrote a post about the games. He liked a lot of people, but that's all people gamers. And since none of them are whales, it earned not very much). But I hope that this will change over time.

Gaming is a huge world , keep doing what you love , money will come with time , I have searched keywords for 6 hours today and write the post in 1 hour, and look how many up-vote , I have do it for steemit and my self, if people don't up vote it's not a problem if that can help steemit