Watching People

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Have you ever watched people when they are talking to you or someone else? Like, really watched.

I watched some people yesterday performing at a Open Mic Night and I was able to notice how their bodies moved and how much effect and emotions they put into their body movements and singing.

This made me be able to connect to them without projecting my own version of reality. Normally I would be so catch up in my own inner thoughts and emotions that I have a hard time focusing on other people.

Another example is how the other day, I went into a cafe to see my mum who works there. I was talking to her and then her boss comes out and says to me "Hello there Alistair, how are you?" Then she started to talk to mum before I said anything.

Normally I would answer her back and say how I was but I did not say anything because I noticed that her line meant that she saw me and acknowledged that I was there.
So instead, I just stood there and looked at her talking to mum and I wanted to pinch her face or say "Aww" or something because she seemed to be in some sort of pattern.
Like, automatic pattern and mum knew that pattern as well.

Sort of like a parrot pattern where you echo the person's speech patterns or what they say.
So if someone is moaning about something then you should moan as well.
If someone is gossiping, then you should gossip as well.

Like some sort of connection between people but the people are not even truly connecting on a deeper level because they are not actually saying anything. They are just repeating infomation, like a parrot.

At least, as that is my view or version of events that I notice.

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