Okay, I read

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I have a problem. No, let me say otherwise. I have a big problem and I have a lot of little problems.

My big problem is, I put all my money in books and this is unpredictable. I want to tell you a little

I have a total of 1487 books at the moment and these books correspond to a total of eight libraries in my two-bedroom small home. This little house is almost like a library.

Without a book, you can't go without a book. I'm glad I spent hours on these shelves.

The most striking thing is that there is a booklet between the shelves or outside. I can't ignore them and I'm going with a bag full of books.

The guest who came to my house is interested in most of my books and I am proud of it. Until I confront this familiar question.

Did you read them?

Yes, I answer yes to this answer. I can't lie about this and I can't tell you a big lie, not my habit of getting a book here, no, no, no, if I do, I'm going to suddenly reset your fans for me.

Okay, I read

I know where I sleep or where I stand, and even if I have a few books, when I asked this question I was in the random room, I read the book and read it as a writer. Because I don't know the author I said, so I'm afraid I'm ashamed of my information.

All this is the head of 1487. This is their appearance. It doesn't look like the fingers of a hand I read. However, it is interesting that one of these 1487 books does not miss the gallbladder, but I do not know if it is in place and I will not be able to sleep until I find it.


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