😡 RANT: 😡 Follow For A Follow! Yes Please......NOT😡

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Is it just me or does any body else get annoyed when people say follow for a follow? Or follow me back? Please...? 😡 

Since joining the steemit platform I have taken my steps to learn the platform, what its all about, how t works ect.

I have put in this month around a solid 4 months to get to my reputation and invested around $4k of my own money thats been hard earnt. I have so far gained over 600 followers to date which has only really come in the last few months ones I have got established and gained trust from. 

People follow me and I follow them based on what information, trust, interests I see from them that I like.

BUT, when you have somebody writeing to you saying "FOLLOW for a FOLLOW this is so annoying and I think of just down voting them. I have never done this BTW its just first thoughts.

I would say to the newcomer rank 25 or 35 what ever you maybe to get a vote on your comment, please done say this. Am sure there are others in this bracket as me that feel the same and this may have an adverse affect and you may get down voted. 

Important rules - Don't Say FOLLOW for a FOLLOW please this doesn't go down well in my book! 

Please share your thoughts on this subject? 😡 


Hey mike great post very true follow me and I will follow you 😂😂


your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight for me, hopefully the future can provide better posts again, so that I can know many things in my life, thank you

Its just putting it out there! So if you took something from this then thats good! :) Food for thought mate!

nice information and good guidance

Thank you so much

You're absolutly right, it's just annoying. On Steemit should be one simple rule: Upvote good content and Follow the creators of that content.

Glad to see someone is thinking this aswell! Its so annoying!

nice information and good guidance

No problem 👍

Its a bit ironic..since a follow itself doesn't do much without engagement from the followers. Its better to have fewer 'true' followers than a bunch of people just ignoring your posts

Totally agree! And your votes will implement this. More followrs should mean more votes. More votes means higher rep.

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Fully agree, very annoying. Also annoying are those "nice post" farts which don´t say anything. I often post in German and many of those commenters for sure don´t understand a single word (the same people make the same comments to posts of all kind of languages). Some whales should occasionally stroll through new entries and flag them down, but not sure if this would help on the long run.

Totally agree pain in the but. Am sure half of the dudes is copy and paste comments so irrealavant to the post most times


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