Random Photo #49

in blog •  3 months ago

This is a random photo project developed for all the forgotten photos and pictures saved on my phone for reasons I can't remember.


The perfect Malibu silhouette

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Nice wiew, thanks for share good luck with your porject


thank you, ....join our project too @vladivostok

Nice random photo!

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Beautiful shot with amazing sunset in the background, @vladivostok.


thank you :) our second date


No kidding :)


Yes. And if a girl agrees to go camping with you on a second date she will probably be willing to marry you eventually

Nice Malibu sunset photo. Congratulations, @vladivostok.

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Very nice and happy photo! This must be intentional! You just didn't want people to see how happy you were!



I will admit I was really happy here. First kiss was a little bit after this too :)


Lucky you!

Gorgeous!!!! Want to help by voting for me? We can help each other... https://steemit.com/steem/@kirstenboic/my-personal-10-tips-to-successful-abundance

Me encanta tu proyecto, porque al ver las fotos viejas y olvidadas, siempre regresan los buenos recuerdos. Suerte.