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Today I want to discuss manifestation and success. For the record, I do not mean success as in only the business or career type, I am talking success with anything you do, whether it be to lose those extra pounds you put on over the summer while cooling off with an ice-cream on the beach, or if you are wanting your dream relationship, a dream jo, it can be anything you want, within reason of course. If you try to manifest a unicorn, e sure it will not work, although it would be cool if it did lol. The problem is, society has gotten us all so used to battling and having to put in every ounce of energy into work, that we have no energy left for our kids and for ourselves. I have been very quiet in the group lately, but there is good reason. I have been spending time focusing on grounding myself, healing myself and focusing my energies on manifesting the life that I want and the life that I believe that I deserve. You should to!!!! This year I decided to take a personal journey, I have manifested the job I wanted, the money I wanted as well as 23kgs of weight loss....... was it easy???? No, but it was certainly fun!!!

I am sure that you have heard of the book “the secret”, if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do. It gives you a good idea of what manifestation is all about. Simply put, your thoughts become your feelings, your feelings turn into vibrations and that is what the universe picks up and what you feel is what you get. So, if you feel negative, you are going to attract negativity. I know this might sound a little crazy, but it is true. The world doesn’t work the way we have been taught, it works on a whole different level of attunement and there is really no excuse to not have everything that you want in life.

So, you might ask, “how do I manifest the life I dream of”, well simply put, you need to change your mindset! Here are a few steps that I found when doing research about some steps that you can take to do this.

Exercise your imagination

We are taught from a young age that we need to be goal driven people and must make a success of our lives, but they mean by having made a life changing decision about your career to be a doctor or a lawyer and that by doing this, it will make you loads of money and you will be happy….. WRONG. Our imaginations are being shadowed by what society expects and this is wrong. We need to dream, without dreams, things cannot be real……. So by all means, use your imagination!!!! Dream big, dream about anything you WANT and do not let anybody put you down. By dreaming, you are visualizing and sending a message to the universe that this is what you want. Try it!! What have you got to loose?

Create a new identity

For a moment, imagine that you already have what you wish to have. How would you feel, walk, think, and talk? How would you dress and make decisions? Create a clear picture of yourself and act as if you are that person every day until it becomes your way of life or natural state of being. As I have said, feelings become reality, so imagine how this dream of yours makes you feel and picture yourself living that dream…… Go for it, I know you want it!!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude and contentment

Even though you might not have it yet, say thank you. Say to the universe, “I am grateful for ……………….” Whatever it is that you want but do not have yet. Express sincere gratitude as if you already have it. Those emotions will send vibrations to the universe and will make all your dreams come true. We have no excuse to moan and complain that we do not have enough money, and that we do not have this and that…… I dare you to give it a shot, it costs nothing, it just takes a little bit of effort and time to put into yourself. And of course, when you are happy and you have everything you ever dreamed of, then everyone around you will be happy too!

Ask for divine guidance

This is not from a religious perspective, but ask and thou shall receive. If you do not ask, you shall not receive. Every person has a different belief system and I respect all, this is no place for judgement. However, there is one thing that all beliefs have in common, that we are surrounded by angels. So whether you are Christian and believe in praying to God, or if you believe in Archangels like Michael, then talk up!!! Ask the great spirit and your angels for diving guidance and be as humble as you can be. Your soul can see beyond what your rational mind or physical self can see. Surrender your control and pray. Ask the Almighty for daily guidance, knowledge, and wisdom to lead you in the direction of goals, dreams and ultimately, your destiny.

Keep a worry list

Because your brain is a Velcro for negative thoughts and experiences, it’s natural to worry a lot – it’s the brain’s way of life. Keep your fears list for at least two weeks. The moment you begin to worry, record it somewhere.

This will help you to release the energy that keeps you stuck and delete away your worries. In the end, your brain will proof that worry is just but a waste of your energy. If you need any help with this, pop me a message and I will gladly set up a meeting with you to help you.

Follow you intuition, your instinct, your gut, who cares what you call it, just follow it

Each time you get an intuitive urge to start a new project, go somewhere tranquil, call you friends or attend an event. Put your trust in that guidance and make a move. When it comes to manifesting your destiny, you have to prepare to meet the world halfway by making steps towards your dreams first. It’s not going to do it all by itself, so give it a shot, again, what have you got to lose?

Prepare yourself physically for the arrival of your destiny

If you have honestly expected your dreams to happen and manifest your destiny, then what are you doing to prepare for them? If you have a plan, do it immediately. If you are planning to attract a romantic partner, you have to buy a spare toothbrush.

What If your plan is to attract financial abundance? You have to organize your bank accounts as well as finances so that you can handle any new income easily. So make sure that you have everything prepared to receive. One thing that I saw on the movie, The Secret, a man wrote out a cheque to himself, he put it on the ceiling above where he slept so that it is the first thing that he sees every morning when he wakes up, he was in a dark place and he manifested his destiny. Now he is living his dream life with no financial trouble.

Live your dreams today, and your life in the present moment

The more you live your dreams today, the faster you shape your destiny’s manifestation. Start by finding small ways to begin to live your dreams today. For instance, if your dream is to travel, explore your city and try new activities.

If your dream is to have financial abundance, put on your best clothing and take good care of your property. This way, you are not just shaping your destiny, you are also manifesting it. Stop living in the past and worrying about the future because you will miss the joy, beauty, miracles and blessing of the present. Your life will be filled with regret and that will in turn just send you into a spiral down hill….

Quiet your mind with meditation

Meditation is a highly underestimated activity. I don’t have a lot of time for meditation, and I know that this is the case for many people. However, think of Tibetan monks, these people dedicate their lives to peace. Take a look at the picture at the top of this article, this is a picture of the brain before and after meditation. The lighter colours show happiness and the blue parts are well, unhappiness. This proves that even 10 minutes a day, is all that it takes to live a happier life, which will in turn make it a healthier life. So, what I do is, when I bath after I have the kids put to bed and I am done adulating, I lie in the bath, I put my head under the water and I listen. All you hear is the sound of water, however it is so peaceful. I am a Scorpio, I am a water sign so water is my favourite element, so you should surround yourself with whatever your favourite element is and meditate. Afterwards, I am able to think more clearly, I feel full of energy and I feel happy!!!!!

Feel good now!

Last but not least, stop postponing your happiness! Start your journey right now. Get onto the path of pure joy and happiness. It will be well worth it. Make a list of all things that rejuvenates you – dancing, nature walk, reading or cooking. Schedule them somewhere in your week. Remember happiness is a way of thinking and living that could shape your destiny. Do one thing that you love, just 1 thing, every day. I guarantee that you will see a remarkable improvement in how you feel and how you perceive things.


It really doesn’t take a lot to be happy, dream big, imagine yourself in that situation and make it happen!!!!! All it takes is a bit of drive, some positive thinking and emotion...... you need to put your heart and soul into it..... Lastly, be aware.... you may get what you are asking for, but in a different form from what you expected so keep your eyes open for any signs :) Good luck!

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Very nice article, welcome to steem. ☺

Thank you so much for the welcome!!! I am still very new here and learning how it all works, but with practice I will get there :D

would you like to make videos in the future ?

I would definitely yes.......

so you can join our community @dcooperation, I can interview you and promote you to my followers.

What kinda videos would I be creating? Anything connected to what I like speaking about or is there a specific topic that I should speak about?

I usualy ask about steem in the interviews, how did you find about it, what do you think about it and what skills you have, you can take a look at any interview in @dcooperation account, they are all resteemed there.

thats awesome!!! I would love to do an interview :) I will work on a few things first and then I am definitely in

Welcome to Steemit. I would just recommend some formatting skills for you.
Those headers can be made bold by putting 1-3 # with a space in front of what you want to have bold. It will break up your text and make it more readable.
Also, beginning with an asterisk will allow it to make bullet points for you.
Just a couple thoughts to help you on your way.

@viking-ventres this is some amazing advice, thank you!!! was wondering how to format text on here so thank you very much!!!! Do you have any other tip :D lol

I would say just visit plenty of people's posts and learn by watching. Ask questions when you see something you like, but don't know how to do. Also, join Discord and get to know people on there.
Here is a good place for newbies...

I will definitely take a look at this. I am quite excited about the opportunity lol, but luckily there are so many veterans on here to learn from... Thank you so much for your help, I am going to take a look at some of your posts too