The voice of the people is the voice of the Almighty.

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I've always said to myself that if the government of any nation is doing things right then there will never be need for any of it's citizen(s) to go into the streets and protest. There's no sane populace that will bear eye witness to the hardwork of their government and feel dissatisfied about the generated growth and development of their leaders and will have the urge to protest against their government. If things are done rightly, the masses will adore their government with full patriotism and pride.

But in a country where things done by the government doesn't satisfy even the average man, doesn't transmute to step by step growth and development, doesn't stimulate improvement in all facet; there's no way the masses won't revolt for a change or rather protest for a change. Day in day out individuals from different communities will gather together in one voice to speak to the ears of their government for an effective change needed to improve the state of affairs and their nation at large.

You know, what I love about protests is when it is discharged peacefully, when it is done in unity, when it is carried out in oneness, when it is done in the spirit of Our heroes past and forefathers who fought for independence, when it is done to encourage the government to do better. These type of protest harmlessly does nothing but to pioneer a change for future generations making the world a better place.

I will digress a bit as I got the inspiration to write this after watching a video on the Instagram page of a celebrity. In this short video the celebrity wrote and shared a clip of her fellow youthful compatriots who were protesting in peace and harmony in the spirit of a song adopted from a popular TV series titled "La Casa Del Papel or Money Heist" -- immediately I watched this short clip I was elated at the oneness, inspiration, peacefulness and medium the youths of her country expressed in demanding for a CHANGE from their government.

The celeb wrote on IG: “BELLA CIAO 🔊🎶!!!!! This is my country, and I have tears in my eyes watching the way they come together. In the toughest times, with one of the most dismal histories of any nation - we make the best out of what we have, and what we have is each other!! Keep singing and dancing in the streets, keep welcoming your neighbors to join in, keep MARCHING OUR STREETS. This is day 4 of protests country-wide and it’s not stopping until the revolution causes real change in the government and the way the citizens are treated. The Lebanese love life. Show me another protest anywhere in the world that looks like this. I’m so proud of my home and where I’m from. And I’m proud of the change that the youth is DEMANDING for their future.”

This is not the first time I have witnessed/watched a protest. In the past and maybe in some corner of the earth were the power of the media lacks coverage. I do know some aggressive protest end up bloodier and brutal from the displeased masses and from the retaliation of the government. But in the case of this protest I watched on IG, what really caught my attention was not even the serenity of the protest but the song of the TV series that was played, the song title is Bella Ciao -- this song stood as an inspiration in the midst of change and was notably relatable to the good cause of the protest.

bella ciao - the song: source

Which brings me to scream on this fact that music is a powerful tool in the hands of people. Music is an instrument of healing, connection, preaching, redemption, motivation, salvation, empowerment, reconciliation etc. Music is a blessing especially when all the sounds it produces does nothing but helps and rebuild.

I am just glad music was in the midst of this people protesting for a change. It was beautiful to behold though it was just for a while, I never can tell if the ongoing protest will later draw out the sword of aggression from the people.

Thanks for reading.

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