The TH Files: Week 27: Wednesday

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Wednesday: Are We Really Doing This?


There are so many times that I have to ask myself, are we really doing this? Are we really trying to build our own artificial intelligence?

If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would tell you resoundingly, Hell to the no! I was that kid who needed a tutor for math back in high school, and what does artificial intelligence need?

A whole lot of math! Time to pull out hair right??


No not realyl, the good thing that I've realized, is that technology that was once out of reach, will trickle its way down to the masses in time. So now it's just watching companies, to see which one is going to give us AI at a price that makes sense to scale.

The one thing we'll have to be, is patient. This technology is brand-new. We’ll have to do our best to utilize AI as a utility, as best as we can until the Artificial Intelligence industry matures.

Well it's the 4th time to go spend time with my lady. Be safe everyone.

Jay "TrajicK" Jeffrey
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This is a work of Augmented Fiction. Augmented Fiction is the merging of real-life and fictional scenarios. Some of the content is leading up to our fiction novel Cypher's Instinct. Any similarities to real individuals are coincidental.

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