The TH Files: Week 27: Monday

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Monday: Change Can Suck
What do you do when you realize it's time to make major changes, in the middle of a launch? You make the damn changes, and lose the work you've already done. Two months ago, since my last post, we've ripped up one business strategy, to begin pursuing another. It's just weird to think that we're becoming a media company. We were already a media company, but we weren't one in the vein of a Viacom, or Netflix. We were more like your one-stop shop to getting media created for your business. (ie. graphic design, web design, web development, brochures, engineering, video editing, etc.)

Thing is, we realized that wasn't a very good long-term business strategy. So over the last month or so, I had to pull up my socks and try to figure out a new direction for the business. We realized we needed to be in the content creation business. Our customers are going to have content, and we better have it as well. So when you become a media company what do you need? Well of course you need entertaining content. So for the last few weeks, we've been strategizing our plans for the next 2 to 5 years.


Our first plan is to launch the publishing company on the STEEMit platform, with our first of 3 books already in the works. We’ll discuss more about that real soon, as we finalize how the story is going to intermingle with the other projects we have going. One of the stories that we're working is an online augmented fiction title, that leads to our first novel. The current working title for the augmented fiction story is "The TH Files." The plan is for the story to have some parts that are nonfiction blended with parts that are fiction. This allows us to protect any clients or situations that might have non-disclosure issues, but still be able to tell some really good stories, somewhat based on factual situations.


Next, we're looking to work with a Web Series TV show, based in North Carolina, but haven't gotten into full-fledged talks yet. As well as looking into a few podcast shows, to begin marketing and promoting for.


Seems like a lot is on the table, but the great thing is I think we can pull it off. One thing is for sure, we’ll be working on the plans for our artificial intelligence starting tomorrow. Now that's a meeting I'm not going to miss!

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Can't wait to see what is ahead for you guys! Best of luck with the novel and web series.

Thank you.. It's going to take some time to get into the flow of this, but the initial plans for the business look promising. Once we get up and running we have a manual for others to create their own media businesses based on the model we're using.

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