21st century: Decentralisation VS Centralisation

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The 21st century will go down in history as the area of “Decentralisation VS Centralisation”.

Just like the enlightenment was the period of separation of church and state, 21st century will be the separation between government and economy.

We are witnessing one of the biggest revolutions of mankind. Although many are still dormant, the heat and tension concoct a bubbling sea of anger waiting to engulf the world.

The media is starting to crumble and the people are losing faith in the governments by the folds.

Lashing out like hungry hounds, they perpetuate their corrupt beliefs and in doing so reveal their fear for this technology.

Washington, D.C. — On Wednesday, the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investment (Committee on Financial Services) held a hearing they called “Examining the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets.”

The dollar, as Sherman correctly states, is used to "impose sanctions" (aka acts of war) and "stop tax cheating" (making sure the government can get every dime possible off the backs of its citizens).

"It hurts the US government in two ways," Sherman said. "Our contr...." Sherman slips, about to fully admit that the government is scared of crypto because they cannot "control" you with it.

Quotes and image from @tftproject brilliant post.

Faith in this system are starting to show its cracks, now more than ever. And they are scared.

The only thing keeping the rat race wheel moving is our belief in it.

A couple of years back, I published a photo-project called the anecdote of the boiling frog where I studied the Hindu concept of belief and illusion encapsulated under the form of a goddess called Maya.

Maya, a goddess created by man as man needed separation from the oneness.
Man accepted and believed in the reality of illusions and built a world around it.

However, not all accepted this belief and started questioning it. Through conscious contemplation, those that saw past the veil, renamed Maya into Aditya, absence of knowledge.

Illusion is nothing more than lack of awareness and knowledge.

Anger and fear stem from Maya.

“Iron, concrete and smog: the backbone of our illusionary reality.

We live in a world shrouded by a beautiful veil of seduction
eclipsing the truths that surround us.
We only see what the gods want us to see.
This is the world of Maya.
The supreme consciousness is kept hidden behind the veil of multiple illusions,
of which we are constantly distracted by and call Ego.
This fuels the illusion of a singular and individual consciousness.
This fragmentation has manipulated our species into believing, for millennia,
in the illusion of a possessive power as an actual reality.
Through ignorance, we created Maya and accepted her illusion.
As Schopenhauer said, “the world is my representation” as I experience,
live and feel my emotions, I generate a subjective reality.

However, through contemplation,
we caught the illusion and renamed her Aditya (absence of knowledge).
The duality of the goddess exists only through ignorance and acceptance of the Ego.
Except, we do not live in a world of Gods, rather in a world of humans that like to play Maya,
illuding the imperfect reflection of a perfect world.
We created this currency that we bow down to and through ignorance, accept its reality.
However, the use of excessive attempted control over the real and digital world,
enforced by political agendas, using methods of military and censorship,
exposes the toxic illusion.

It’s time for us to jump out of the boiling pot.

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decentralization currently the very best approach to managing complexity. easy hell no. of various systems in need of decentralization which ones & in what order... what will be priority? how to decentralize is next various systems various approaches will be needed. & btw if this seems quite daunting a tremendous challenge & to say it'll be tricky is an understatement think of the horror of present vain attempt to continue with things as they are watch the monoliths fall and crush billions of people in process


the only problem with decentralisation is that it comes at a cost. Depending which chain you use, you need to incentivise people to record transaction, store and monitor transaction on it.

I think not everything should be centralised as there is potential in centralising certain thing IF that is the wish of the people. As long a centralisation is not imposed, I think it can work as it is (for the moment) cheaper and faster.