predator and prey hanging out together on the ice

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The natural world, which I am sure I've said it before is all about balance - a balance between between a predator and its prey, which is not usually pretty to watch - especially if thus prey is an adorable seal or a cute penguin. However, it does seem at times that truces are called and somewhat accepted. It could just be that the predator is too tired or not hungry enough to chase a food opportunity that has just arisen.

Hence, this photo. We were cruising one afternoon in an area called Port Charcot, which is located at the north end of Booth Island on the Antarctic peninsula. This is when I saw something I couldn't quite believe...


A leopard seal (left), a crab eater seal (right) & an Adelie penguin.
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WHAT THE HELL?!? Leopard seals are written off to most people as being this big bad predator that will eat anything cute that it can get close to. Obviously, not the case when its floating on a small piece of ice next to a crab eater seal (one of its food sources), and then an Adelie penguin jumps up and starts walking around it (also a food source).

It was an amusing moment, as the crab eater seal (right) was not fazed at all and I don't believe it even opened its eyes once while we were observing. The Adelie penguin though was squawking its head off and running around the Leopard seal. Followed by jumping in the water swimming around the ice floe and then jumping back onto the ice, just to continue squawking around the leopard seal. The leopard seal wasn't overly too impressed, as he continued to open his eyes and stare at the penguin with a ferocious glare, which looked like the ultimate death stare..

If you have read some of my previous posts I have mentioned that Leopard seals aren't all that bad as what people believe.
Here is the link:

The apex predators are not as bad as some might believe ~


The leopard seal baring his teeth towards the brave and bold Adelie penguin squawking around him, as he was trying to sleep.
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This reminds me of when I was in Africa and the Zebras were in eye shot of the lions and didn't appear stressed at all! Blew my mind. I guess you can tell when someones hungry and when they are too tired to move from their iceberg :P

That penguin has got ice in his veins to be so calm while standing next to that predator.

nature is awesome. It is great to see co-existance between two rivals

sometime you have to make compromises to live in a place like this.

thank you for sharing that incredible information ,,,, the balance between the predator and the prey, which is usually not enough to watch - especially if the prey is a sweet seal or a cute penguin, I'm looking for information about the balance between the predator and his prey ,,, this is a post I've been waiting for, hopefully I can visit this place kedepanya,

thank you for adding knowledge and insight on this. I have follow and upvote you @thomasjmitchell....




I am resteem

like a food chain. the strong will prey on the weak, it is so in the animal life. I like the picture😀

great post

Really GREAT photo skills you got there and its really funny and amazing to watch them like that

Great combination of Nature finest. Great article you have here.

There was a time in Africa where the animals had limited water in the lakes, it looks like the animals came into agreement just because they needed something which is water. Maybe in this case is warmth so the seal is trying to conserve it's strength to stay warm then chase after a penguin in the Cold. Just saying

Great post, I didn't realize the two types of seals would be more than competitors. That photo of the seal with his mouth open reminds me of our big tom cat, he will do that to warn off the others when he wants to be left alone. Though he isn't as scary since we had 2 of his teeth pulled.
Thanks for the info!

We need to protect this amazing nature. I never believed that they are that much bad, and its funny that they will eat everything cute that comes in their way :)

The first animal I have seen and this is real, so thanks

I love this cute penguin.


Even animals know the importance of the life.....unlike HUMANS.....

well sometimes such an amazing scene is very rarely captured this is awesome.

Love that penguin.

"Hey guys....whacha doin? Wanna do something? Hey guys!"


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Amazing photos @thomasjmitchell; you're fortunate to be able to witness something like this first hand — not many people make it to Antarctica. Maybe what we can learn from this is that having a full belly is a good idea when you're around those you don't normally interact peacefully with?

Bright Blessings!

Amazing....just like our life. We live amongst so many people and we never know what are their intentions might be. Some people are so near and dear but then again they hurt you so badly. Lovely caption of the article. Great share

Hello lil penguin
Soo cute ♥♥