The Steemit Wife – My Opinion

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My opinion has landed me in hot water on numerous occasions, WHY?

I have been told that I am way too honest when asked for my opinion, so I thought what the hell let me put it to good use and blog about it on the one and only steemit.

My first opinion is on opinions…

Seriously what is the point of asking for someone's opinion if you don't want the truth? You ask for their opinion for a reason, with this in mind when asked for your opinion why would you not be completely honest? Why would you expect the person you are asking to not be truthful as well? This is a concept that I clearly cannot fathom nor have I mastered the ability to "sugar coat". As you can imagine this has made me not so popular at times, but hey you asked….

Let's be clear though, just because you asked for my opinion it does not mean you have to take it as gospel. I swear I won't be offended if you still wear the shoes, change your hair, keep the cheating partner or in the case of steemit continue to invest hours of time and effort in front of your computer @boatymcboatface, lol.

Maybe people need to stop and think whose opinion they really want to hear before asking?

This has been fun, I plan on posting more opinions in the future.

What do you think? And don't just say great...... or my hair looks fine.


I agree with you but its all about how you say it. check this one out


Gosh you are so beautiful 😍


Looking great Shell ....that's my opinion

Your husband was so lucky.

i like your opinion, thanks for share


Only kidding. But yes, opinions shape product quality. They shape us. Most opinions are based on intelligent facts. Research. But still, 99% of all facts are merely opinions!

So sharing is caring. Glad you arent afraid to share. Lot of people get butthurt, well they can cry more: the world would not exist if not for people's opinions on what we ought to to for change, survival. If no opinions existed, the opinion of "I think we should run from this predator" might have not existed either and then nothing exists! LOL I WENT TOO DEEP WITH THAT!

Thank you for posting. Hope you get ever more to snowball to the top!
I up-voted you too... BTW, should steemit let us steemers advertise using steem? Be sure to tell everyone you know to come vote here at:

This is a democratic community decision.

husband is also steemit lover?

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