As a Group Thinketh- Breaking the Mass 911 Spell on Our Minds

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"Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:--
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass."

- James Allen, from As a Man Thinketh

Journey of a Common Magi

A glance at the variety of books upon my bookshelves reminds me of my curious journey during this life; how I started as a self-empowered individual and creator of my own destiny, how I then fell into imagining myself as a victim of society and it's dark rulership, and how I then finally remembered, and realized that we are all self-empowered individuals who collectively create our own destiny, a destiny precipitated from our most persistent thoughts, both good and bad.


There is my old copy of 'As a Man Thinketh', the James Allen book that I received as a gift when I was a child. That was probably the first of the major bookmarks for the evolution of my mind, and life was magical for a while there.

Sept. 11, 2001 Happened

I was imagining a decent world, just like most everyone else was imagining, until the "9-11" event happened to us all. After that, I forgot all about the power of the individual for a while, and like many others, I became the subject of the collective thoughts of everyone, both good and bad.

Looking at the tiny book on my bookshelf again, As a Man Thinketh reminded me that not only am I making this reality that surrounds us all, but we ALL have been making it. Through the world-felt reactions of each individual-- acting as a single collective being-- all of us have been making this world all along out of our thoughts, words and deeds.

In a single day in 2001, it was as if all of the joy that we had for the future was erased.


Through the spell of 9-11, we had collectively been tricked into imagining a world that we didn't like.

My own progress, plus our collective hero's journey through 9-11, might be shown in 3 parts:

  • (1. Coming to realize that every thought is a thing, and that I was actually forming the physical world with my imagination.

  • (2. A dark sorcerous spell known as 9-11 is cast upon me and the mind of the entire population, causing us all to imagine a future of things we really didn't want.

  • (3. Remembering that all thoughts are like prayers, and that every prayer that we imagine is faithfully answered, and that WE are actually forming this physical world with our collective mind, both good and bad.

Mind-Body connection- As a Man Thinketh

Why does modern humanity know so little about their mind, and how it works?

As much time as we humans spend in our mental states, why is the science and the study of our minds such an obscure topic? Our minds are a part of nature, and as a scientifically inquisitive species, we humans are curious and inventive, always striving to learn how the world really works. Somehow though, we skipped the study of our own minds, and the science of how we truly interact with the world around us was usually not included in the study of the classical physics by serious scientists.

Before quantum physics came along and knocked researchers off of their stools with it's spooky implications, such seemingly abstract matters as 'how the universe is being created', and especially our own role in that creation, were typically left to the religions of the world to sort out and disseminate. With that religion came a binding of the mind, and to keep the mind of a population bound, the very study of the mind was hidden, or 'occulted'.

Magic and the Occult

No matter how hard the Bible is thumped, and no matter how frightfully it is shaken at the children, there will be some children who are simply not interested in the theatrics of religion.

Typical religions-- designed to bind the mind to a specific path-- teach us to fear our minds, to fear evil, and to fear God's wrath if we dare to venture off of that religion's prescribed path.

A successful religion will insist that it's congregation never try to understand their own mind, and those followers who wish to dabble in the study of mind are smitten, and are told that their god doesn't approve of such dangerous thought. Thinking about our own thoughts is discouraged in religious circles, since we are the real creators of the world, and religion obviously can't handle that kind of competition.

With so many different versions of a one almighty god, and so many myths and stories that exist around the planet, each with its own authoritarian adherences, it's no wonder a child's mind might begin to wonder, and even begin to wander into the suppressed and hidden, or occulted knowledge that is so forbidden by the church.

Why was the knowledge about our minds hidden? Because we are powerful, and because if we ever came to understand our minds, we would immediately create a suitable world, a whole new Earth to live upon, and we would become very careful with our emotions, thoughts and words.

Fear as a Tool

Our emotions are like the lighter fluid on a stack of charcoal, and when we soak a thought with a squirt of emotions such as fear, it will more easily burst into reality, like it or not. Emotions are the secret ingredient in the formation of our world, and emotions can send our heads into disarray while sending our hands into action, good or bad.

Our Co-creation, Hijacked!

It appears that we have billions of individual creators of the world, and each individual is imagining different things, with each individual thought becoming what is. If we somehow all imagined the same thing at once, then as magi, we would precipitate that thing into reality with our magic, and we would manifest it with great ease, good or bad.

You Might Be a Dark Sorcerer if...

It's rare, but have you ever found yourself in a position where you could broadcast a fearful message to a large group of individuals, then offer them protection in exchange for their subservience? With the potency of the individual mind, amplified by the group's thoughts and feelings on a matter, even if you are not a dark sorcerer yourself, there's a good chance that you have been affected by such a spell.

Likewise, if you could produce a blockbuster film featuring dark grey landscapes of dystopia for the viewers to wallow in, would you then cause that audience to inadvertently create such a dystopia? Even if you are not such a popular filmmaker, able to imagine and to inspire such a creation, chances are you have seen such a film already. Somebody imagined it for you. Somebody tried to make us all imagine it, knowing our potency, and somebody put the fearful images up so that we could mentally fill in the details.

It's All In Your Head- But Isn't That An Important Spot?

We are indeed all one single being, but since we are so artfully spun here as individual units of consciousness, observing the reality that is created, then our individual perspective becomes an extremely important aspect of life. Without our sense of individuality, we would have no free will, and without that, we would have no way to experience the ability to choose our own thoughts, and creation would grind to a halt. We are making this, good and bad, and by our will and our choice, we find ourselves in a miraculous position; the creators of what is.


Time For a New Show

We've all seen the big show by now, and the storyline has been established: on the last sunny day in America, exploding skyscrapers turned everything grey, and that first dreadful act birthed a "Patriot Act" which led to even more criminal acts, until virtually everyone in the USA started acting like extras in the production, completing the illusion with their participation in the theater.

Now that we see that it was we who funded the show with our own reactions and emotional output, we can begin to see ways to claim the director's chair, and go back to our original production, the one we were creating before the 9-11 event interrupted us, and now we know that we are also the producers of our own thoughts, and that our imaginations are the blueprints for what is to be, we can focus on the precipitation of a world that suits us all.

What Is Our Story Going to Be?

Since we've already seen the blue-grey dystopian films about surveillance grids and futuristic horror, and since we know how much power we really have to create something that we like, we can all look forward with some joy at last, we can imagine whole new colors and whole new futures ahead. Let's!

photos above are mine, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.33.06 PM.png

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Thanks for your sweet upvotes dear,have a good time


I'm glad to see your posts, always. Thanks for being here

I read the "Dark Sorceror" bit and was like "why would you do that".


When I wrote that part, it was so quirky it made me laugh. I guess I was trying to see the thing from a different angle.

Indeed we all believed the lie. But it was there to usher in the surveillance state. No explanation of building no 7 or the fact that the building was purposely weakened to create a controlled demolition. Shame on them. Thanks my friend. It is not the first lie America believed and probably will not be the last.


It's almost as if we were supposed to notice the flaws in the story concerning Building 7, so that the 'truth movement' could be born and coopted.

Fear as a tool is extremely effective. Fear of the Russians, fear of the Arabs, fear of the Russians (again), but the worst of all, fear of being considered unpatriotic.


One thing about 911 was that it showed me that patriotism is a mass mind-control device, employed so that we all accept the war-based economic structure that has been created and sustained for so long. Wasn't too long after 911 when I became a complete anarchist.

Excellent writing! Thanks.


Glad you liked!

Hmm. You might want to try reading this
when you get the chance, it's an excellent piece culminating in the powers of human imagination. Of course, Tolkien was Christian, and he wrote clearly as such, but I think you might appreciate his worldview. Again, this is only when you have the time for a 27 page essay (23 and a half +3 and a half pages of footnotes)

An interesting idea in any case.


Thanks for that link, I started reading it but haven't finished-- Tolkien is also an anarchist, I definitely appreciate that world view of his.

So happy I follow you. I think you might enjoy noetic science. It was first coined in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchel.


That sounds familiar, I know I've run into noetic science before. Oh, I'm happy you are here!

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

With so many different versions of a one almighty god, and so many myths and stories that exist around the planet, each with it's own authoritarian adherences, it's no wonder a child's mind might begin to wonder, and even begin to wander into the suppressed and hidden, or occulted knowledge that is so forbidden by the church.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

Your post has been very nice