People Are ABANDONING California Cities! Here’s the REAL Reason Why

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The rate at which people are moving from one city or state to another has been increasing at a rapid pace. There are many reasons but the primary one is very simple: Money. If people can’t afford where they’re living, they pick up everything and move to a more affordable place. They don’t want to have to do this, but when times get tough, they do what’s needed. Have you been burdened by the heavy burden of your expenses?





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I wish there was a way I could communicate with you , because I plan on reporting from Illinois when the collapse occurs . I’d like to have some kind of E-mail or link to drop you some videos , because this state is just going to implode like building # 7 on 9/11 . In the area that I’m around there are more closed store fronts then there are open ones . I was ridding my bicycle down the local town center and I saw a woman walking down the street very confidently grab a door handle and pull on it . And to her surprise that store was no longer there . She kept looking in the windows and around the building in disbelief , and I had to snicker a bit . Because it seems like this is whats going to happen to Illinois . One day people will wake up to riots and wonder what the hell is going on . Did some sports team win a championship ⁉️😂 😆🤣 NO . And the crooked politicians are going to be GONE . Because they’ll know dam well that they’re responsible . ROME will burn again , and the rivers will run RED with blood . May GOD help us , because its going to be coming from so many directions that the police will be overwhelmed . Think about it . Between Chicago and Milwaukee there are easily 6 million people , and the number of police officers is less then 4500 . Thats not going to be enough . Great report , and feel free to contact me in anyway possible for I may be able to provide first hand accounts of the turmoil . 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻