Shut Up and Give Us Your Data!

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Have you ever wondered how the newspapers keep making money despite the fact that almost nobody is buying paper editions anymore?

The first thing that comes to mind is clicks of course, but then you wonder: In this day and age where everybody is selling off our data left and right, would it be shocking to see the digital papers do the same?

So today, I tried a little experiment, I set my browser to private.

Now I know, private browser is not private and all that jazz but still... For this experiment, it comes in handy nonetheless.

This is what I got when I tried to read of articles from The Los Angeles Times:

Alt Text

This is from The Boston Globe:

Alt Text

And the list goes on...

In short, what that means in reality is that you cannot use their platform without them attempting to receive your data in exchange.

What do you mean we can't spy on you?

Yep, this is the world we live in.

Image Sources: 1 - 2 - 3


damn! that looks scary.


It is almost as if...

if the NSA was suddenly shut down, all of the "free" sites on the internets would also shut down.

Haha and they'll tell us that it's just a coincidence :)

the privacy stuff will be the new luxury for many companies including apple heheh

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