Not Even George Carlin Could’ve Predicted This

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Sometimes you look back at some old comedy and realize how crazy things were back then.

You laugh for a little bit and then you realize that things went way crazier since then and you start to wonder... How come nobody has seen that one coming?

And speaking of that, speaking of child abuse, next up: GRADE SCHOOL! Grade school, where he won't be allowed to play tag because it encourages victimization.

And he won't be allowed to play dodgeball because it's exclusionary, and it promotes aggression. Standing around is still okay.

Standing around is still permitted, but it won't be for long, because sooner or later some kid is going to be standing around and his foot will fall asleep, and his parents will sue the school, and it will be goodbye fucking standing around!” ― George Carlin

The Salem Generation

Up until the 1990s almost everyone knew that spoiling children too much wouldn’t probably do them any good in the future, all the contrary in fact.

Then the ‘self-esteem movement’ came along and convinced parents that the “civilized” thing to do is to start banning any games where there are winners and losers, or even better, to ban the score sheet while at it.

That was the backdoor through the which the trojans were smuggled, and shortly afterwards, they were knee deep in the scholar curriculum.

And that’s how it all began.

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You see, when you ban scores you are not protecting the losing team from losing the game, you’re trying to protect them from reality.

Everyone knows the score anyways because let’s face it, everyone can count to three.

So instead of teaching them that failure is a part of life, and that we all should learn from our mistakes… What you do is teach them to live in a delusion where they can never lose and boost their sense of entitlement.

And above all you train them to believe that they are fragile that they need to be shielded from any uncomfortable information.

Then what happens? These entitled kids grow up and go to the university, and there for the first time they hear many views and many opinions that they never entertained before.

That offends them, and it offends them deeply.

They don’t want to hear opinions that challenges their views, because challenging one’s views in uncomfortable. So instead they would rather to ban all opposite views and information rather than face the hidden underlying problem.

They claim that the only way to be “safe” is if they controlled what everyone around them says, what they wear, and what they think… Especially what they think.

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We live in an era where people claim that the level of pain they experience whenever the F-word is dropped in their vicinity, is equal to the pain felt when being nuked and bombarded by actual warheads.

That’s the level of pseudo-fragility we’re talking about.

But here’s a funny question, what do people say to each other when they have sex these days?

“F-me, babe! F-me!”?

Personally, I think that if you’re old enough to fuck, you’re old enough to hear the word “fuck”.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

In the real world shit happens. You meet some amazing people in your life, and you meet some assholes too.

When that happens, you just move on.

If you’re walking around and hear an opinion you disagree with, you just stroll down the street. If you see a twitter post that you don’t like, you just scroll down the feed.

But some genius had the original idea of preparing these kids to live in a self-centric bubble that above all, had an expiry date.

Then they go to college and they take it personally whenever a teacher tells them something they don’t want to hear, and sometimes like we’ve seen in the previous post they want the teacher’s head on spike. Just for giving them a piece of information that was too uncomfortable for them to entertain.

You would think that university would be the time to step out of the bubble, but instead they constructed these imaginary safe-spaces to play pretend for a few more years.

And then they join the workforce, and the question begins… How long till they start asking for “safe” bubbles in there too?

Or better even, is it already too late?

… To be Continued.

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I like good content your subject-matter and the form that you tackled it, in an expressive way of knowledge greetings


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :)

Agreed, this "safe space" nonsense is really terrifying. Engaging in arguments in a healthy debate environment is absolutely vital for any society that wishes to progress, and that environment is exactly what this "movement" is trying to suppress. What is especially damaging about it is that it is happening in universities out of all places, which are supposed to be one of the few forums where this kind of discourse can take place.


You touch in a very important aspect which is that universities are meant to be (used to be?) the place for new challenging ideas, it's very bad news that the focus is changing.

You're right, a healthy conversation and exchange of ideas is very important and shouldn't be restricted at all, I'm with you there.

Well, this can all be tracked back to feminism.

All of these things are what a female thinks of when it comes to the (childish) preferences.

To be excluded is women's worst night mare. So, inclusion should be mandated.

Scores create devicivness, thus to a female mind, they should be abolished.

The problem is that male thinking and male needs have been pushed the side lines. Men need competition to make them stronger. They need accurate scores to tell them where they are.

What we have now is a childish tantrum destroying everything around us.
"What we are is a bunch of boys, raised by women..." - Fight Club.

(and, the elite have been pushing this. By funding the destructive side. By giving the destructive side news coverage.)


Actually, I really do not know much about the differences between male and female psychology to comment on that, all I know - or more accurately I heard a few times that modern feminism is different than the old one, and that to many feminists it means something else... Like all movements I guess.


1st wave feminism - We want the privilege to vote
2nd wave feminism - We want to be equal to men in the workplace.
3rd wave feminism - We want all the privileges. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

And the most damning things is that most women would love to be a stay at home mom.
But, this wasn't to be allowed under feminism. (you can find this written in older feminist texts)

We both have a light side and a dark side.

Men build things (houses, washing machines...) and destroy things.
Women build societies and destroy societies.

Current feminism tries to get women to destroy themselves and society.
"Who needs a man? Like a fish needs a bicycle" - well, the truth is that the actual workings of the utilities is all done by men. Further, children need a male influence from about 5 till 13. A family needs a man.

Worlds gone completely bonkers.... too much insanity for my liking! Some people can get prosecuted from offending someone... ah just so much craziness and everything taken away. I wonder is technology is to blame... somethings is to blame but I don’t quite know what. It’s strange how this is all really recent, like the past 5 years things have become exponentially crazy...

RIP Carlin!


Haha yeah, some people even get fired for offending someone they never met. As for technology, I'm sure it plays the role, though it's up to each person to use technology wisely, like everything else in life.

Everyone drinks alcohol, though not everyone hurts people when they are drunk or does stupid things, it's just releases inhibitions... The same goes with technology, people can hide behind a keyboard and be who they really are, but not everyone sits there all day looking for people to attack.

There's also the fact social media has a way of reinforcing that sense of entitlement that gives the illusion that the world revolves around ourselves but yeah... It's like things are getting crazier very recently.

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

Fantastic article!

Some very important topic, masterfully told and worded here.

Personallyy I think the university is just the tip of the iceberg, so I'll be waiting for the next part.



Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it man.