Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 5]

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Tony Stark goes to see the rest of the Avengers and shows them the test results he ran on Ulysses and his visions.

As this is happening, Carol Danvers is already acting on Ulysses’s newest vision. She flies to the city and tackles a woman carrying a brown briefcase.

Ulysses had told Carol that the woman in question was a Hydra secret agent and that briefcase was a bomb.

The problem is that there was no bomb.

That briefcase was just a regular briefcase and that woman was just a regular woman.

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Tony realizes that Carol was doing exactly what he was doing in the events of Civil War, she was just trying to fight for her ideas no matter the cost and she was too stubborn to see that the principle is the problem.

He understands that she is now taking the same position he had against Steve Rogers who was refusing to trade freedom for security.

Side note: This is an amazing character development from the writers. Just like when Steve met his former self in Endgame that said to him “I can go all day”, and he replied “I know.. Believe me, I know”.

But now Tony has a problem, how to explain to Carol the very things he himself couldn’t accept not too long ago?

To be Continued...

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