Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 12]

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The weeks pass by and Carol goes to see Tony in the hospital, he’s still in life support with no word on if he’s ever going to wake up.

Hank McCoy tells her that they have no way to save Tony, because he did something to himself that nobody else is smart enough to understand.

He planted a device on himself that no one can operate, but at the same time that device is the only thing that is keeping him alive.

Hank takes a pause and tells Carol:

“You know he wasn’t fighting you, right?”

“He trusted you. But you popped open a dangerous door, Carol.”

“He knew once you made profiling a thing, made it into the norm… How long until someone uses it for something less noble?”

“He knew what would come next. He was a futurist to the end”.

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Side Notes: Captain America has been rejuvenated by a cosmic cube after the events of the Secret Wars story line. He’s no longer old as we’ve seen in ending of Avengers: Endgame.

Secret Wars/Secret Empire is already being introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the Captain Marvel movie to be exact. We will probably see the story line taking more shape in some of the Phase 4 upcoming movies (Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2... Etc) and probably with several stand-alone movies converging into Avengers 5, similar to what we've seen with Infinity Wars.

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The story goes: Civil War - Infinity War - Secret Wars - Civil War 2.

The only question is who will take Tony Stark’s Ironman role, if it’s his daughter Morgan, or some other way of resuscitation via time travel or otherwise? Or maybe it's another Avenger who's going to face off with Captain Marvel?

Either way, it's such a fascinating story.

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