Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 11]

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As Tony is falling from the explosion, Ulysses’ eyes start to glow and he shows them multiple visions proving that the visions are not necessarily accurate, that they are just possibilities that may or may not happen.

And all of the sudden everybody understands - even Carol Danvers herself - that people should not be punished based on what may or may not happen in the future.

A voice comes from the sky and tells Ulysses: “You’re one of us now”.

Everyone looks at the sky and it’s Eternity. Ulysses is smiling, he tells everybody that this is his true purpose and he disappears telling everyone: “Thank you”.

Side Note: Eternity will be introduced in the MCEU in The Eternals movie.

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Everybody rushes towards Tony Stark and they find him in the arms of Spiderman, just like in Infinity Wars but in reverse.

Spiderman’s tears falls from underneath his mask.

To Be Continued…

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