Amazon Confirms: You Can't Delete the Alexa Tapes

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Not too long ago, U.S Senator Chris Coon sent a letter of inquiry to Amazon in order to figure out if Alexa does indeed delete the voice recordings of its clients or if it keeps them forever.

The surprising part is that Amazon did answer to that inquiry letter (while other companies certainly would’ve tried to dodge it) and they did so quite honestly I might add.

The not-so-surprising part is that they confirmed what everyone knew all along… Or should we keep pretending that this all one big conspiracy theory?

I’m afraid that ship has sailed a long time ago. In fact, that ship has sailed, did a tour around the world, returned to port and docked, the passengers left the boat, even Elvis was among them... After that he went to the building, left the building, died a long time ago, people started impersonating him all over the globe, and now even his impersonators have died of old age… So can we please stop with that “conspiracy theory” nonsense?

Big Brother stopped being a conspiracy theory ages ago, did it not?

So yes, Amazon confirmed what everybody knew anyways. That even when you try to delete your private conversations, there is no real option for you to do that.

Those messages - basically everything that you say in the privacy of your home - are stored forever, not to mention being shared with third parties.

The problem here isn’t just Alexa spying on you, but rather the normalization of something that not too long ago seemed like a terrifying possibility.

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Now it’s Alexa, next year maybe it’s your TV or your fridge recording your every word, and from there who knows if someday it’ll be virtually impossible to escape this surveillance web.

The strangest part of all is that we’re just taking a page out of one of the worst chapters of history (Stasi, KGB...etc) and pretend that it’s a new cool thing we’re discovering.

I guess that Einstein was right, time is a flat circle.

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And even more terrifying is the fact that the sheep keep buying this crap...

People will always fall for it, as history keeps showing. Though this is a whole new level entirely.

are stored forever, not to mention being shared with third parties.

In Germany the politicians already talk about using those Alexa recordings for "crime prevention"...

Haha not satisfied with Big Brother, they want to get us in Minority Report as well :P

hahah alexa might be walking up sooner than i think from now on lol

Haha she's quite scary :P

Alexa is the least of our problems, we are literally being recorded everyday, probably 10-20 times a day.
The minute one walks outside, there are satellites taking images, everywhere you go has a camera, street lights, stores, malls, every business you visit has a camera, so whether your driving, walking or patronizing a business, your being recorded.
And last but not least, every cell phone is easily used to listen to your conversation and locate you without you even having it on, and let’s not forget computers that hackers can easily get into and out without you ever knowing.... Alexa is just another technology to listen in the home, but if you have a security, they are listening through that, bottom line... you cannot get away from it unless you hide in a cave and have no WiFi or electronic devices that connect to the internet.

People are trading a whole lot for the sake of convenience. You should give this podcast below a's truly frightening what big tech companies are stitching together.

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