Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 10]

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Steve Rogers walks towards Spiderman and asks: “The same reason that you’re here… To prove that it doesn’t happen”.

“Exactly right” Captain America responds.

Captain Marvel arrives hovering above them and tells Spiderman that he’s under arrest.

Despite what Cap and the rest of the Avengers decided, she wasn’t about to let anyone escape their pre-crimes sentence.

She tries to grab Spiderman but a shield forms around him, protecting him while at the same time locking him inside a magnetic field.

Captain Marvel is enraged, she turns around and screams:

“Tony Stark, be a man and face me!”.

“I wasn’t hiding. I was giving you one last chance and that was it”.

Tony appears out of nowhere with the HulkBuster armor that his dead friend Rhodey used to wear.

The two Avengers start throwing everything at each other while Spiderman tries to break free of the magnetic force field that surrounds him.

He begs them to start fighting about him, and pleads Tony to let him go.

The rest of the Avengers arrive with Ulysses, and try to get to Carol before she loses it as the vision showed.

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Just before they reach her, Carol uses everything to punch through Tony’s chest, completely disintegrating his armor with both Captain America and Spiderman in a state of shock.

To Be Continued…

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