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RE: Let's all Stop Using Randowhale And other Voting Bots.

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I'm certainly guilty of using randowhale too, but I do see your point. It's an instant gratification thing IF you profit from it, but it will leave a dirty taste in your mouth.

Steemit posts are supposed to be valued according to the public's attraction to them, not by how much someone is able to spend to artificially inflate a posts true value.


Great comment. I was still using rando up until yesterday when I really thought about it and I realized how it made me feel.
Thanks for the interaction

I believe these bots can serve a great purpose though, by using them to boost someone elses post as a sign of support. A little extra beyond an upvote, and maybe they could/should disallow putting the boosts on one's own posts.

That's the great thing with @promoted, the other day I boosted someone's post by promoting it, I payed 10SBD, their post got promoted and they got an upvote worth about $6 win win win except the money doesn't go to @promoted, so no one is getting rich of it :)

I used minnowsupport and randowhale once each. I won't be using them again. I have mixed feelings too about them, but I want to grow because of my content only. If it takes longer to be noticed, I'm perfectly fine with it. That's how it should be. I'll also work harder that way!

And I truly feel you, as a blogger, will be respected more for it. I WILL say that using these voting bots to boost a post you feel is undervalued, is not only a fantastic way to give yourself a bit of power beyond voting, but will also shine a great light on yourself that opens you up to a flood of attention.

I'll happen! :) Building a following is easy enough through engagement, so I'm focusing on that and good content that people find valuable.

I agree, blogging on steemit is like growing tomato's, if you are patient and wait for them to grow they will taste lovely, but if you force them to grow quick then they'll be like the ones you get in the shops, tasteless

Yes! That's a great way to look at it @markwhittam. I began farming tomatoes this year and can vouch that they love to be encouraged - just as we all do - but do not respond well to being forced to grow. We allow them to establish & produce as they were meant to. Patience & Hard Work pays for the farm 😉

Thank you, I know nothing about growing yet, but it made sense in my head, and now I have a grower agreeing with me so I must be right.
Thank you for the feedback