Sunny spring day

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It was a sunny spring day. Just like spring, the apricot grows from the top, as the poet says. The sky and the sun were dancing with white clouds. If loves spring, he is aware of these beauties. He could not survive despite the dark winter winter. Poverty, livelihood and money, even if happy people can live happily. But he couldn't handle the disease. Her brother was sick. He asked for treatment. My father was getting old for years. himself was the only source of income. There was no social security. was as young as the new spring season. Although she shouldered the burden of life with all its weight, she was not under pressure. He loved the neighborhood's best daughter. He still broke his brother's arm. The green-eyed little girl was dying. One hundred thousand pounds were needed for treatment. It doesn't matter what he does. There was no other resort for the money. That day he met all his loved ones and friends. Nobody knows that in a farewell. He was at work with the employer's robber. There were five hundred thousand pounds in Czech, but took only a hundred and twenty. After he gave the money to the hospital and his father, he escaped from his hometown and grew up. After loneliness and fear

In , he left his life to his brother. He was willing to experience a life of fugitive. But he knew more with his help. Life sometimes offered a choice. Maybe he's leaving people's choices. , who has fallen asleep on old, worn and dirty ground, falls on good days.


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