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After this brief information, we understand what our poet means. The plays played on the stage are the screams of our poets that these orders are not fulfilled.

You can play this game, you can give these machines to those who are ready to fight with hate. Our poet; What is the crime of killing innocent children with the problem?

How can these innocents suck mothers' breasts? What can these innocent people do with kinship, hatred, war, stone, slingshot, evil? Recalling that these hopeless and different human forms remind us of the death of the highest death in the world; In fact, this cruelty, intrigues, wars, fights are expressed in a very concise language in the empty poet.

Since our poet opposes all these negativities of life, you understand what has happened so far. The goal of looking at everything beautifully emphasizes the need to do our best to target a world. Otherwise, isolation and reconciliation, the necessity of nature and other living things remain open. He revives the days when the wolf and the cousin make themselves hot and murmuring.

I have dead letters in my tongue
I'm surprised I spit on their faces
And I couldn't open the clouds, but my tears.


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