Vacation in Varna - Part 1

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Hey steemians 🙋🏻 I just arrived back home from my vacation in Varna. Together with my sister and my parents I visited my grandma and the rest of our Bulgarian relevants. Actually I've planned to upload a post every day during our stay there but unfortunately I didn't manage it 😅

In Varna the temperature is always a little bit higher than here in Germany and we were lucky that it was still so hot in September. We had about 28 degrees all week so we could go to the beach a few times 🌊

The first day we went for a walk to the beach directly in Varna and to the Sea Garden.



In the first photo of the following you can see me near to a jetty at the beach and the the second one was taken in the Sea Garden.



There we visited a reptile show where we were allowed to touch and even hold snakes



In the evening we got really delicious sushi and visited our uncle at his bar called "Studio21" 🍤🍣🎶


The next day we went to a place called Balchik with our grandma and enjoyed the sun at the beach ☀️


On our way I met this little guy


When we drove back home there were really strange clouds in the sky, I'm still not sure what to think of them... 🤔 (The photo is not edited and in real life it looked even weirder!)


Intermediate I had to use another phone and unfortunately the rest of my pictures is saved there. So I will upload the second part of my post shortly - I hope you enjoyed reading so far and will have a look at the rest of my Varna post 😊


Nice adventure and pictures. I'm happy that you had some great time with family. Enjoy and capture those moments in your mind. Thanks for sharing @OriginalWorks

Thank you very much @raserrano 😊 I'm glad that you like my post and the pictures!

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Thank you !! :)

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