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Hello my dear friends,

I'm going to show you something.

It was 2012 if I'm not mistaken. It was so looong ago:)

I was a managing editor of a small TV channel in a town named Artyomovsk, Donetsk region (Ukraine).

Once I was lucky to see a famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak.


I doubt you could find and recognize me. I believe I've changed a lot:)


If you want to listen to her songs, here is one of her latest videos as far as I know.

But I would recommend you to listen to another song of hers. Back to 1998 it was one of my favourite songs.

Have a look! She was so young and different.

As for me, she is so beautiful. Such a tiny elegant lady! What do you think?


By the way, that red mic was mine! Oh nostalgia, nostalgia!

This is my entry to the SBD Photo Contest (Yourself with a Music Band or Artist) organised by @trincowski

Have a good day!

💕 Yours,
Наташа 💕

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Thanks :)

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So... why you not start sing ? :))
And hi :) I hope your days are warm :)


I love singing 🎤

You know, I was singing writing this post. I even wanted to upload the sound of that:)

I did record myself singing the last song in the post. Then I listened and decided to save your ears😂

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ok... ok... :)))

Great entry I think @trincowski has a great entry with this blog😉
And CONGRATULATIONS on your delegation for 4 weeks really great and make it worth while


Thanks 😊

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Thanks, Natasha! Please add a link to your entry on my post. 😉



Thank you.
(I forgot😳)

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Почему ностальгия? Если тебе нравится в Таиланде, почему бросила Украину? Ты умна, красива и замечательная девушка, могла бы и дома построить карьеру. Я понимаю не все так просто, а вдруг...


Это ностальгия по работе:) А в Таиланде мне нравится. Просто пока не удаётся совместить

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