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Week 50 - 12/10/2019
Tuesday Thankful - #DailyTopicBlog

Hey Steemians,

Welcome to my DailyTopicBlog on Tuesday. I hope you had a great week start yesterday. Today it's about thankful and how it affects your brain.

How can I be thankful?

To be grateful one has to be aware of the past and the present. Think about the timeline. What has happened to you in life, positive and negative? Even if you have only experienced the negative, try to understand it.

We're all butterflies in this universe. Many of you know what the butterfly effect is. Even if a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, an earthquake could happen in Paris. The same is true of human events.

Every event has an effect not only on ourselves but also on other people. Just because I wrote this blog is because my parents decided to move over 15 years ago. But that would be the big stone. The small one would be for example:

I was very overweight in November 2016 and started training, but unfortunately I only managed to lose 10 kilograms. July 2017 I started my training with a personal trainer, through him I got into the crypto scene. He recommended the German speaking @denniskoray aka. The Bitcoin Informant. Through one of his videos he recommended this platform "STEEMIT" to his community....

As you can see, only one detail would be different in the past, even the smallest one, I wouldn't write this blog here. Back to you, even if you have only experienced negative things, you should imagine that just these details arise. We don't know what the future holds, it can be that your negative events shape you to do something much bigger later.

How does thankful affect the brain?

Science has proven that gratitude is one emotion and one muscle. The more often you are grateful the more structures are formed.

In addition, if a person is thankful for the hormone "dopamine" in the brain, which is responsible for us being happy. Dopamine is the happiness hormone. Therefore also grateful people are happy people.

Just try writing different letters for 20 minutes to people where you express your gratitude. Whether you send this letter is up to you. This process brings you to think about appreciation, past & present. You think about different actions of other people. How it might be if this person were not or would stop with positive actions. I actively think about something like that. Try it out at 😉 and write it to me in the comments below.



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Week 50 - Monday Motivation

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