New Signature Logo and a Brief Explanation How It Got That Way

in blog •  11 months ago

Back in 2005 I believe, I was creating an xbox live account for the first time. All the names I wanted to use were taken. Looking back now it's easy to admit that I didn't get too creative with it. After trying everything I could think of (variations of Egyptian god names mostly) with no luck, I settled on something so stupid it couldn't be taken; superelephant. It was indeed taken as well. I decided to just throw a zero on it making superelephant0 just so I could get on. Fast forward to 2014 and I decided to make a new username just to change things up. I had already established myself with superelephant0 and wanted something in the same vein that my current friends would recognize. I was also intent on getting rid of any numbers as well. Suprepachyderm was born. After creating this name, I used it for multiple accounts I decided to take an elephant as a emblem for internet activity.

Fast forward to just recently, and I wanted to change up my username again. This time I just took the word Ciovo, as in the Island Ciovo in Croatia and re arranged the letters. I originally came across the word while reading something about elephants so I figured it was fitting. I commissioned this pic from a co worker (bought him Chick fil a) who is good at photoshop and will be using it as a signature going forward.

Ovioc Logo (Transparent)_preview.png

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Love the story of your name. Glad to know how you got it.

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