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RE: Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 05/29/18> Looking back … and forward.

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Well good to hear from you Lidac, and while you are pretty spot on with numbers on how long America has been at war but that wasn't the question. The question was how many years of my lifetime have we not been at war? I am 62, like I stated in the dose, so any guesses on that? Well, don't guess, just ask Mr. Google and then get back to me.
Things can change, but not by electing the same types of people we have been electing. The people have to make the stand that enough is enough. If it can't be done through the election process then there are other means that would have to be considered.
We should have established world peace by now but war never establishes peace, and we have proven that time and time again.


5 years of peace out of your 62...and I hate to be right on this one but I will stand by my initial statement that nothing will change be it through election or any other means..that is just Sci-Fi to the regular Joe..the brainwashing mechanism is just too powerful for that..left or right..and I only stated that “we” should have established peace by now since “we” only engage in wars for the “pursuit of freedom”...

Yes, that is correct, 5 years.

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