Already Issued Since 1987, Kok CFC Appears Again?

in blog •  2 years ago 

Since the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987, chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs have been licensed worldwide. This agreement has been observed since the impact of CFC birds on the ozone layer, and since then our ozone layer has slowly recovered. However, a new study published in May in the journal Nature found surprises. One type of CFC, CFC-11, continues to grow in number in our atmosphere over the last few years. These findings clearly make the science world in a rush and vying to find the source. This mystery seems to have been solved. The US media, The New York Times, claims to have found a perpetrator who spread CFC-11. They point to foam-producing factories in Xingfu, China.

York Times investigation in scientific journals show that there are many factories in Xingfu that continue to produce and use CFCs. One of the factory owners interviewed said that he did not know that CFCs were harmful to the atmosphere and illegal. Ignorance of some factory owners regarding the presence of cheaper and environmentally friendly CFC alternatives also exacerbates this problem. However, not a few also denied The New York Times claims. Quoted from LiveScience, Monday (25/06/2018), experts assume that factories in Xingfu are new and not enough to explain the drastic increase in the number of CFCs. In addition, as recognized by The New York Times, the Chinese government actively raided and stopped production of CFCs in Xingfu.

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