How to Market an ICO

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Thanks to attacks from @gtg this accounts is closed.

Also I have my blogs compiled into eBooks on Amazon.


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So lovely

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Yes. 5 steps to making healthy fried chicken. So tasty.

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that is all !!! very substantial information, very clear and all to the point. Thank you very much. keep doing same. i have voted, resteemed and followed

Thank you for reading and resteeming!

thanks for sharing.

Type three letters I.C.O

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Friend @steeminfobot, after reading your publication which is very interesting I must take for granted that these three points are one of the most important parts for the ICO to achieve position in this immense world squared because it is the real and virtual but both must go hand in hand for all these projects to succeed.

TEAM - a good team is key to success
ICO INFORMATION - investors need quality information about the offering
PRODUCT PRESENTATION - investors need to know about the product and post-ICO plans and goals for the future
MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA - open communication is key to any ICO campaign

From Venezuela I send you a very fraternal big hug.

Regards appreciated @steeminfobot.

I see that you have a great command of the marketing processes related to ICO. You also offer your knowledge and services in this regard.

Your professionalism and your technical actions are the necessary tools to be able to rescue the confidence of the investors.
Only ICOs that support true projects and with a double feasibility study should be supported and developed.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Hello @steeminfobot

You've done a good job bringing together the best ICO cataloging websites. I suppose they work both ways, not only to promote an ICO but also for people to find out about them and recognize what might be scams.

Will these sites have a historical database? To verify that the people on an ICO team are not the same as an older ICO that was a scam?

As far as I can see it's not difficult to do a scam, what you need is a website, a white paper, to be active in social networks and place a crowd with false curricula in LinkedIn.

I tell you this because I know people here (my country) who want to create an ICO and I know that these people are not very reliable.

Thanks for sharing

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