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Modern-day world seems obsessed with self establishment. Self identity. Dare I say sometimes even self-aggrandizement. We’re all dealing inside with the same questions about our worthiness (it’s a core ego fear. Never goes away) and so we bolster it up and slap a cast on it with tag lines like #youareenough #everyoneisinherentlyvaluable #worthy.


The truth is that the “self” and separate identity and your unique sense of individualism are an illusion. Deep down we all know this, but it’s that sense of separate self, our ego, that really, really doesn’t want to operate within that paradigm! Thus it’s campaign continues. Self-aggrandizement. “Respect Me, me... me(!) as an individual,” it insists.


Anyway, there’s an equally strong resistance going around to objectification. Common cries of, “He just treats me like an object! Hmmph! Whoa is me! I feel so devalued and unappreciated. I’ve been objectified 😱, oh no! Me too!” I’ve been objectified many times. Hell, I’ve even objectified myself FOR another. I’m not advocating rampant or regular abuse of one person’s tyrannical ego over another’s, but on occasion in a safe environment (like a bdsm setting perhaps) I have found it incredibly therapeutic for quelling the polluted sense of self that naturally builds up like a funk ass filter over my life lens. It’s cleansing for your ego, or false facade, to be told to shut up and sit in the corner for a while. It can be damn Liberating if you ask “me” 😉


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When a person shifts the “center of gravity” of his personality to the ideal self, he not only exalts himself; in the inevitably wrong perspective, his present self appears before him: he himself, as he is at the present moment, his body, his consciousness, healthy and neurotic. The exalted self becomes not only a ghost after which he is chased, it becomes a measure by which his present being is measured. Moreover, this present being, viewed from the point of view of God-like perfection, appears so nondescript that he cannot but despise him.

Wise 🙏🏽

Once we see that "false self" just as a simple tool to solve things and go through life, with everything it has to offer, there's no room for bondage anymore. Until then we are just its slaves, serving its pleasure and pain. It's not indestructible though and it's not meant to be this way. I see it more as a handglove than my own skin.

Ooohhh...our flesh as a hand glove. I love that analogy.

Can one treat one's self like an object?
Or isn't it more like giving one's self for someone you trust and love?

In BDSM settings the gift is more like the one giving and the true holder of power and control.

Hmm. Good question. It’s not easy, but with enough detachment I think one can treat oneself as an object. I practice this sometimes in complete submission and surrender. Detached from all outcomes, even the fear of death, maybe for a few moments. But it’s hard. We are wired for survival and our stories of individuation are deeply wired to support that biological drive.

And yes, the giver in such a setting is ultimately the one in control because they can safe word out at any time. Although I guess that’s true for both parties.

Severely off topic, but that second picture is absolutely striking. Not sure what, but the metallic harsh nature of the lighting is just captivating.

Steem on :)

Thanks very much. Yes it’s really cool post processing there.

In many ways the human animal is a follower, a herd creature. Thus, the direction of others can often seem a safe place. Though to be 'told what to do' can surely have negative connotations, there is an innate comfort in the human creature in knowing the jostle of sheep about them are making the decision for them to go right or left, stand still or run, the direction of other's choices can feel free even when one is literally trapped in the herd.

Humans are an interesting lot.

Humans are fascinating. The herd reference is so apt. You have no idea how frequently the topic of herd mentality comes up in my household conversations! It’s epidemic, but like you I understand why most folks live that way. Safety. Comfort. A sense of protection. Ease. Not the life for me though.

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