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One of my main life interests is working to see through my stories, my head games, my dramas and traumas. I like to write about my insights, which often come after a period of struggle. So when life is good, I tend to write less!

But I want to stay connected here to my lovely steemit community, so I vow to post more regularly. Regardless of my opinion of my post’s quality of content i will just express and detach. 🤲🏼 Presence and consistency are worth something too, right? Plus I always throw in some artful photos. 😉

So here ya go. A little update on my life lately with @sean-king.

We have a new friend/household assistant. She helps with cleaning, errands, shopping and our dog Nico. I’ll call her Little D for now. She is interested in blogging here more soon, so we did a few photos with her last weekend.



As I said, one of the things she helps us with is our dog Nico. She walks him 2-3 times per week, gives him a weekly bath, and prepares his food most days. So, Nico has basically decided that she is here FOR HIM alone. She can’t sit down to rest at all without him piling up in her lap. 😂


We still adore living in Puerto Rico since moving here from a Tennessee in December 2017. It’s an adventure driving here...infamous potholes, worn out or nonexistent lane lines, and incredibly narrow streets in places. But still the beauty and benefits of living in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 far outweigh the challenges in our experience.

charming but narrow streets on Old San Juan

mornings filled with rainbows

And we are still going through renovations on our dream house.


@Sean-king enjoying His pool-to-be on the terrace

this view makes it worth all the work 🙌🏽

This past weekend we took Nico to a new beach area and he loved it.


So that’s it. That’s my life lately, and it’s good. And I’m incredibly grateful for every damn day 🙏🏽


Greyhounds appear to be the most ancient dog breed. "Greyhound" comes from a mistake in translating the early German name Greishund, which means "old (or ancient) dog," not from the color gray.

Wow it looks stunning amazing shots. Great to hear it's all falling into place. Man I want to live by the sea again I miss it so much 💯🐒

Yes, living by the sea is amazing. Keeps little life troubles in perspective.

I have enjoyed all of the amazing views I have seen on all your posts!
...but the charms here, in PR are special!

... btw, lovely little assistant.
Is she a good girl?

Thank you. She is an excellent worker and a pleasure to have around.

nice to see you back online again

It looks like a damn good life, and all ya'll look good damn fine too ❤️

Thanks love 😘

Lol, I just came back to this, and read my own comment again. I must have been drunk, or you made head spin, because that is not even bad English, it's bad all around writing 😅😅

Lol I just thought your English was so good that you knew how to talk like a US southerner! We say “all y’all...” regularly because there is no plural “you” in English. I didn’t mind. I enjoy any comments from you. Xo

Isn't the "all" part a little extra in there? And I was apparently trying to pick between "good" and "damn fine", but put in both 😂

Well, y’all means the few people close to me that I’m gesturing to. All-a-y’all we use meaning a larger sweeping gesture of “all you people” close by. It’s not proper, but again it’s common and fun to say in the south!

Well then, let's stick with your original assumption that I'm so good at English that I can even use different dialects properly 😂😝

There's something especially decadent about swimming in a pool and looking at the ocean. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I know! We’ve never before had a pool. This one with glass infinity edge on top of the building is a pretty fine way to start! 😆🙏🏽

Yes, presence and consistency is worth something too, sometimes it's everything. And yes, the photos keep me drooling 😉
I can almost touch the excitement 😁
Glad how really good it's been with you lately.

Thank you lovely friend. Xo

I can imagine, sunsets, in that spa pool..
and holding each other...

it looks ideal.
it looks like heaven and it looks like paradise, all rolled into one.
so lucky to be together

It is heavenly 🙏🏽

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