Steempress: Want to use your own host to steempress? here how

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Steempress seems like pretty hotcake now (despite the upvote weight is getting lesser), however in order to use steempress and get vote from them it required to be host under Vornix hood. (

So I wonder what if is it possible install the plugin in our personal wordpress? will it get upvote ?

Now login to lets login to and install steempress

WTF !?!?!

it needs business plan in order to install plugin, great now wonder how much it the plan

GG, $25 per month, meaning need to get upvote $3 / $25 = 8 days of upvote to cover up the cost.
wordpress is free GNU license, meaning ...FREE
so actually you can host your self, thus you can try to head on this google cloud try it out

  • Google Cloud is free signup and use for 1 year or $300 credit free, which ever come first
  1. Login and signup > click "Marketplace"

  1. Click Wordpress

  1. Select the desire plan (for my case testing purpose, select as minimum core)

  1. Then wait for a while to deploy and tada, your site hosted

  1. Login to your Wordpress admin page > Plugin and now able to install plugin

  1. Now continue setup like usual Vornix did (for more info can go here

I made my first test, so see whether get upvoted not, stay tune XD <br /><center><hr/><em>Posted from my blog with <a href=''>SteemPress</a> : </em><hr/></center>

** update my footer messed up now, probably bug where not able to host on personal WP?
** bug 2 numbering mess up too, steemit bug i guess


Hi sphenix, great content and I love how you explained about Steempress, just want to let you know that some people are pretty strict with language and grammar. If you are translating from another language, maybe you can add in the translation as well? Or else, do type it out on microsoft word or install the yoast plugin on wordpress, it helps in telling you if your language is ok

What the hell? $25 a month? that's cut throat price!!

I got my own hosting business plan for 3 years for only about average $2.90 a month with Bluehost, easy to use, 1-click Wordpress Install, no need worry about hosting..

Maybe the less technical Steemian who wants to have a website can try that. Click the link to get special offer!

Also congrats on the new website!! I have mine already too at

ya $25 per month, thanks for the sharing Bluehost, price seems reasonable

Glad to help!

You're good with various experiments XD

Playing around only... but seems semi working...

Explain "semi working..." haha.....

wow, didn't know got such service, thanks man

你好吗?新人吗?《steemit指南》拿一份吧,以免迷路; 另外一定要去 @team-cn 的新手村看看,超级热闹的大家庭。假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。

Great explore. I'm interested to know if it works too haha

Yassss... is working....
But little...😂😂

So meaning you didn't pay 3sbd to vornix for signup right??

good point....
I paid but not using their host .

so you mean actually we just Plugin ourselves also can right?

ya it should work, but send 3 SBD or not is 另当别论。。。should try it before send 3 sbd XD

You should experiment earlier la.... 3sbd is big for me..... now.. vote so small la...sien....

25 USD is definitely an unreasonable price @sphenix . That's totally ridiculous unless this is definitely making a business package out of it.
I might need to look at my domain service and see if there's a free wordpress plugin, which I think it does lol.

(grr... too many things to do; too little time)


So is this post published using steempress or the next post? Keep us posted with your experiment.

Ya $25 is abit too much, maybe can try bluehost which recommended by @awesomianist
I used steempress, i got upvoted after 30min, wonder is it manual upvoted.

*but i did submitted 3sbd for registration before, probably 1 of the factor get upvoted

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