You're welcome! I believe it too, just as I'm pleased when I see my children doing something special like putting silverware away for me or making little gifts or cards even if it wasn't what I would normally think of as a job well done.

Hope your Sukkot went or will go well (I know a lot of people are celebrating in October - as one friend teased last week, "Yeah, cuz we're on the RIGHT calendar" of those jokes you can only make to close friends -grin)

Ah that pesky calendar...well besides that yes I DID have a good Sukkot this year. Good weather, good friends, and of course good food!!!

Can you believe the debates on this? It seems like every year it gets just a little more tangled, to me.

It really was the first year I felt like we really ate well - we had a cooler, thanks to some friends who were local and saved a big one for us to use when we got there. So we got to have things like raw milk, real eggs, butter, perishable vegetables and so on.

Now of course I have my opinion on the calendar but in the end it does not seem worth debating about! Soon HE will return and put us all on HIS calendar!

Glad to hear about your food situation this year!! :-)

Amen. And I'll be really relieved when it happens!

I think most everyone will be! I have a suspicion that some will truly be disappointed when they find out that what they were doing was not right!

Well, I'll be disappointed if Messiah comes back and I find out we were completely wrong on what we were doing.

But if it turns out we were wrong on the calendar, I have to admit I won't take that too hard. I would sort of be thinking, "Well, that's not too surprising we got that mixed up!"

As long as we actually recognize Messiah as he comes, we have enough oil in our lamps to be invited into the feast and he's not sending us out with the weeping and gnashing of teeth, everything else is learnable.

Oh I'm expecting to be wrong about the calendar but I would be surprised if He came back and said we didn't have to do all that "Torah" stuff.....I just can't believe that would happen!

It does say many will be deceived but I'm praying that those following Torah will be able to properly recognize the Messiah. Deuteronomy 13 should help too!


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