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Even after a 20+ year career in technology I continue to look for ways to expand my base of knowledge. Keep the mind active, keep the list of credentials growing. Learning exhilarates me.

Early in the life of the current startup there were a lot of visions for what the user experience of our product would offer. All of those visions were supported by the API, but at that time there wasn't any graphical user component for them. So, as a part of learning and out of necessity, I created some programs (PowerShell modules to be specific) to take advantage of the API to get certain things done. Today, the UI has covered most of these things, but I continue to expand the capabilities of the PowerShell module suite.

I have also set a goal for myself this year: learn to code in GOlang. Over the course of the year I had done some basic things toward that goal, but recently decided to port the work that I had done in PowerShell over to GOlang. Some of the beginnings are very cool:



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