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I am a massive documentary and conspiracy nut. Throw videos about Waco, the Cold War, or domestic spying at me and I am a happy guy...usually


This is a netlix original series which focuses around a specific incident: the mysterious death or an American scientist with ties to Army and CIA projects, as retold by his son.


This is an unusual thing to bring up, but this is where my biggest problems rest. The series is stuck in an uncomfortable limbo between drama and documentary. A docudrama, if you will. I am fine with a docu having reenactments or dramatized scenes, but this upsets the balance more than I would like.


The cast, considering the profile of this series, was what one would expect. The only person I recognized outright was Jimmi Simpson (Westworld, Newsroom, House of Cards). Everyone on the whole was standard. Nothing too great, but nothing painfully poor.


The editing went heavily for a sort of "creepy factor", and often repeated phrases from interviews with audio distortions for emphasis. This made the series difficult to take seriously as a documentary yet again.

Review: 5/10

A great focal point which touched on so much mid-20th century intrigue and scandal. Unfortunately it played like a daytime crime drama on ID or something similar. If only it took itself more seriously.


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