Gratitude post – stay for the ride

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Don't worry you'll get a piece of the pie.
If you are new stay and give Steemit a chance. If you have been here a while, hang on it will get better for all of us.

Steemit increases your creative talents!

You may find you are able to interact with people more talented and smarter.
That is what happens for me, to be honest, the odds of meeting these folks out in the world are narrow.

Steemit will drive you to improve your skills. It is also great to be able to ask questions about your interests.

Thanks to everyone that has ever taken time to interact with my posts and/or comments. I am here to meet people.

This is not just about crypto for me.

I never expected to have this much fun.

So thanks to all of you that make this fun!

Thanks for reading this,
It is important for me to be able to give thanks once in a while.

With heartfelt gratitude,

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Indeed. Steemit is the way to the future.


well said. :)

Yes. It's like a family here.
And it's fun.


It is so nice some of us have found each other.


One big happy family. Your post got such a positive response. Proud of you. :). Seems like a lot if other people really appreciated too. Keep em coming. We need your inspiration.

It's nice to see this post today, @rebeccabe. I am really failing with money now and not doing too well. But I am still posting here as long as I can.

Like you, I am grateful for the last year I've had on steemit and hope to be able to continue. My knowledge of crypto and blogging skills are far beyond what I would have imagined when I got here.

I feel like one of my biggest failings has that I have not kept up with old friends or joined a community here. I have my friends how upvote me and some I upvote too, but I find it really hard to keep connected here. I found your post today because you commented somewhere else.

It's always good to take a break for gratitude, so that you for this uplifting post :)


Same here. Keep going. I would be curious to know how many have kept at it.

Well said @rebeccabe steemit is a great learning experience and an excellent way to develop or find new skills.

I had been blogging since the mid 1980's and had basically quit about 3 years back. Then I was introduced to steemit and the desire to write again fired right up.
Plus I am now learning so much more about photography too because I am out with the camera almost every day.

I'm no Shakespeare or poet but it is good to be able to exchange ideas with so many talented people.
Steem on.


Same here. We are on similar paths. Great comment I agree.

The gratitude and appreciation is mutual! Muah!


❤️ 🐓🏃 GREAT!!

keep it going

I always look to the future of Steemit and I have no doubt that it will be beneficial for me, comparing the number of people who register every day I am sure that people are not surrendering so easily, the only thing is that most of us like them quick results, and at least on the internet that is very complicated and unlikely. Not just talking about money: SP, reputation, etc.

How do you see yourself in a year, here @rebeccabe?


Thanks for the resteem @gustavoadolfodca
In a year the sky is the limit..there is no limit.. :)

I agree! I feel like I have found my tribe here. Thanks for being part of that! Tip!


you are right .. thanks for saying that :) and the tip. :)

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