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Continuing on from round 3 here I have decided to keep this going as long as someone is still willing to ask a question. It goes a little something like this.

Continúa de la segunda ronda here Mantendré este experimento en marcha.

winner for round 3 goes to @carolu20

Ask a question?

Literally about anything, and I will attempt to answer it, in my own unique way.
Unsure what topics I have knowledge about, try asking.
Want me to perform a task? ask and see.
Draw something, find something, create something, discuss something, literally anything.

I am learning spanish(slowly) and will attempt to translate and answer questions in other languages. (translation accuracy not guaranteed)

Hacer una pregunta

Hacer una pregunta sobre cualquier cosa. Intentaré responderlo.

Why am I doing this?

Interaction on Steemit can feel a little one sided at times. In real life I completely fail at small talk, but when discussing a topic of interest , I will happily unload all of my knowledge. I learn for fun and over the last 37 years have gained a reasonable knowledge of the world and want to share some of my stories, ideas and experiences. I could just write it all out in endless Steemit blogs, but where to start, what to choose. So this experiment was born. I live in a quite isolated area and until I start traveling again this can help make the world a smaller place. So ask a question, the weirder, the stranger the better.

Por qué

Soy malo en una pequeña charla, respondiendo preguntas es mas divertido.


A little incentive to ask creative questions, the prize has now been doubled and the best question of the week will get 1.38 SBD


La mejor pregunta gana 1.38 SBD

(Title Image - my bedroom door)

Thanks for reading


Hello! I just found your blog (I got here for your stickynote challenge post). I realized that you are learning Spanish and other languages ​​at the same time, that's great! I want to learn Japanese, French and German. I speak Spanish, but I also learned English. I can write in English (I'm still making some mistakes xD), but to pronounce the words is... another story, haha. I'm not so bad at that, but I definitely don't have the accent of a native speaker.

I've many questions in mind. I wanted to ask you if you liked horror movies (that question came to mind because of the door image), but then, I thought about asking you what it means to die, etc.

Read this:
A judge sentences a young woman to life imprisonment, takes away her home, car, watch and family. Now, the question is: What does it take away first?

The answer to the riddle: The first thing she has taken away is her freedom. I do like puzzles :)
My toughs on what it means to die. This used to be one of the questions I would repeat over and over in my head when I had time to waste, couldn't sleep etc. At age 12 I was of the strong belief the experience after death would be very much like it was before you were born, you would not be in it, a void blank nothingness. This idea while bleak seemed to answer all the questions I had.... but eventually my thoughts started to change. As I became more interested in math and physics, I eventually came to a conclusion that a kind of reincarnation must exists. Its all just a matter of scale and time.

What it is to be alive, is all the parts that make up 'you' and more importantly the correct arrangement of those parts. If you change the arrangement too much, like removing all the blood, you will stop being alive. Now we simply need to consider a truly infinite universe, which within it will contain all of the different possible parts, and over time all of the possible arrangements.

Basically, even if you die, at this time, on this planet, over time, the chance of that arrangement making up 'you' ever existing again, is almost certain by a factor of over 1x10^7:1
The really interesting part is all the stuff that happens between the times we exists for.
All the parts that make us up were at one point stardust, and will be again, the pattern repeating, over and over, but changing a little each time as well.

I'm am also willing to believe all of this is wrong, If I can come up with a better theory, but so far, this one does me well.

Your answer is interesting. People had never told me anything like that. I believe that dying is not just about ceasing to exist (from a physical point of view). You can die while you're still alive. This is a spiritual or mental death (as you prefer to see it). When you don't have a purpose in your life (or you just don't know yet), nothing satisfies you, etc; you simply leave your bed to repeating your routine every day, for me, that is to be dead.

I believe that when your body it's not tangible anymore, your conscience, spirit or whatever you prefer to call it, it passes to another plane. I think you're frozen in time, and eventually, you come back to our world as a new person (reincarnation). As you say, this cycle is repeated again and again.

I was thinking about parenting and discussing the subject with some friends, and we came to the point of debate if the new parentjng tendencies are making our kids little tyrants, that demands constant attention and their tantrums should be respected for them to grow 'happy'. Couple decaddes ago (and less time for sure) you were taught to be obedient, to have a sense of duty and respect for the elder. Now we see young kids that aren't capable of have some manners and courtesy to other people because the put their own feelings, needs and desires above everything else.

Do you have some insight on that point?

This one gets its own post :)

I still feel like there is a lot more to write about the subject though.

A lot of views on that subject. But most interesting is what to do to recover some of the good and right from the past, the good manners, reponsability and commitment, without loose the personal freedom that we can express now.
I liked your answer.

Hello, good night, today's question is to tell you why you raise so much of your life and want to know about the darkness of your birthday and the door a little old and that the stars of the door and the wall come to bring great memories, I wait for your answer and have a good night.

Porque esta dañada la cerradura de la puerta en la habitación? Que evento te llevo a eso.

No estoy seguro de qué fue lo que causó el daño. Estaba en esa condición cuando me mudé. Solo ha habido un incidente de cerraduras rotas en los últimos 12 años.

I am unsure of the exact even that lead to the damage. The door was in that condition when I moved in. I have had one incident of my outside doorlock being broken in the past 12 years, but nothing taken.

Hola buenas noches @raptordashzero
Que sorpresa! muchisimas gracias por nombrarme ganadora de la ronda pasada. Me encanto tu respuesta por eso te nombrare MI AMIGO DINOSAURIO ja ja ja. Muy pocas personas tienen conocimientos sobre el tema.
Ok, esta vez me gustaría hablar sobre un tema interesante como lo es la metafísica, estoy leyendo un libro sobre eso actualmente así que no tengo mucho conociendo al respecto. Mis preguntas son las siguientes: ¿Como te interesaste en conocer sobre la metafísica? ¿Eres creyente de la metafísica? ¿Como aplicarías la metafísica en tu vida?
Espero tu respuesta. Saludos!

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