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@xpilar Sorry. Can't respond to your reply on another post because I'm not allowed to reply in there.

To answer your question. Never got any warnings. Started with downvotes.



The user @r351574nc3 was blacklisted due to his involvement in:

  • Farming operations.

Be careful!

How to secure your account
Report any suspicious behavior on Steem Sentinels
Need help? Reach us on Discord

Oh dear. Don't worry too much. These things happen sometimes.

I've been wondering - why didn't accept that the @perpetuator account was compromised and just let it go? You seem to have lost so much, so unnecessarily and because I've grown to like you, this makes me a little bit sad.

All you need to do to make this stop is stop accepting rewards and payouts for your spam. IF IT IS INDEED NOT SPAM, YOU'LL DECLINE PAYOUTS AND LET THAT THOSE UPVOTES GO RIGHT BACK TO THE REWARD POOL

Your logic is fundamentally flawed. Following your logic, the entire platform (apart from the spam) would decline all payouts and return everything to the reward pool.

would decline all payouts and return everything to the reward pool

I don't even know if your language is correct here. Do you mean should, if that's the case, no I don't feel that way.

I think that in order for WHAT YOU ARE DOING to not be considered spam, you need to NOT PROFIT FROM IT

My logic is also that rewards that are downvoted end up being returned to the pool. However, you negate this WHEN YOU ACCEPT REWARDS

Here's the actual logic:

For all downvoters fighting, if you post notices or comments repeatedly on other people's content that is not SPAM, you are spamming. 

For all downvoters fighting, if you profit from SPAM upvotes, you are spamming.

I've seen that before. They are the notifications to users who plagiarise content. It's a warning to ask them to stop and giving them advice on how to avoid further action. You'd be amazed by how many I've sent to people.

They are the notifications to users

Then all my comments are just notifications to users too.

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