So Many Spammy Comments.... But Don't Be too Quick to Judge!

in #blog2 years ago

When you share a picture or write a poem or draw and share some art on Steemit you then wait for all the compliments or questions or engagement that show's people are interested and reading ... and they care.

But sadly, Steemit is still very young. And many of the users are other content creators. So most spend little time commenting on other's posts. There are not many content consumers yet.

But there are more and more "upvote farmers". They go from Post to Post, 100 or more at a time, trying to leave a nice comment so the Post author will give them a nice FAT upvote.

Many times you can see these comments from a mile away: "Wow, your photo really moved me. it was so grate!" Or "I am new to steemti and don't understand, can you explain this more to me?" Or "I just love reading your Blog. Please share more." Often times they get something wrong. The photo was clearly from Pixabay, not yours. Or it was just a photo, not information, so how can I explain it more. Etc.

Well........ maybe sometimes it is good to take a compliment as just a compliment. I saw one on my recent poem post and thought it was one of these scammy comments. And who knows, maybe it was from an "upvote farmer." But after I engaged with them, they responded very well and engaged back. So I think I misjudged them. I will certainly be more careful or be more gentle in my "inquisition" in the future. Newbies - ARE NEW. Sometimes they just need some good encouragement and a couple tips, not a severe scolding!

So, I plan to do better. Not to ignore those scammy/spammy comments... but to try more to engage and hopefully help out an erring Newb, as opposed to causing further harm.

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a great week!

Oh... I need to do another quick draw contest! Is anyone interested?

Later! :-D


You only upvote them if they respond.
Other than that , they are people who couldn't careless .


If they do reply and actually chat with you then you know they mean it!

Hmm! Interesting, I am reading them.
How one interacting with other.

I truly wish the issue of one user receiving too large a portion of the reward pool had been resolved.

I am not sure what to think of what will happen now! It is a little sad!

That happened to me when I was brand new. I commented on a gardening post. Quick little comment that said- Good job. You're a natural. He came back and asked me- Do you garden? Then I said Yes- and went on to share with him my favorite Square Foot gardening book and stories. etc... He then informed me about the short comment vote farmers and for me to avoid looking like them when I comment. Told me not to be shy. To this day- I thank him for teaching me about that.
Take care! :)