Alephium (Breaking Boundaries) Episode 1

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Hello, my esteem readers its being quite a while since I blogged here and this project am writing on today gives me the perfect opportunity to get back into writing. I will be writing two episodes for this series. In this episode, I will introduce the Alephium platform and its cool features.



  1. Blockchain.
  2. What is Alephium?
  3. Features of Alephium.
  4. Difference between Alephium and other projects.
  5. Use case of Alephium.
  6. Conclusion.

Without much ado, let us delve into the contents of episode one, I hope you enjoy reading every bit of this episode.


I won’t be justifying this write-up without talking about Blockchain technology, the tech that brought about the realization of Alephium. Without the existence of Blockchain, there will be no need for Alephium.

Blockchain is a technology which links various blocks together using cryptography; it was designed to help record data transactions between two or more parties. Data transactions recorded on the Blockchain network can only be altered with a decentralized consensus.

Most importantly, Blockchain represents a symbol of hope for the future of quality transaction. Am glad am here to witness this technology, bringing forth room for projects like Alephium. It is time we moved into Alephium discussion proper.



Alephium can scale over ten thousands of transaction per seconds without sacrificing decentralization and security of the network. Decentralization and Security, these two words mean a lot to users of any platform. Alephium brings to its users a safe and reliable alternative.

Features of Alephium

In this section, I will be discussing the essential features of Alephium.

Heavy Duty

The ability of a system to process a large number of workload; with no adverse effect on the system performance. For instance, The Adobe Photoshop will run smoothly on a processor of 4.5ghz and have performance problem on a 2.5ghz processor. This is due to the latter not having sufficient processing power to accommodate Adobe Photoshop. Alephium has enough ability to cater and process for all system, with its combination of Sharding technology with DAG and UTXO.
As explained in the whitepaper, Alephium can handle thousands of transactions per seconds (TPS), compared to less than a hundred transaction on Bitcoin and Ethereum network. Alephium processes a large number of operation in a short time.

Wide use range

Blockchain technology has evolved a lot today to be useful in various sections of our lives. Alephium has developed its platform to be of use, not only in transacting Cryptocurrency but also a global solution to daily human needs. It can be applied to various form of the industries, from finance to health and other spheres that make up the economy. Alephium can be used to Health platforms built on the Blockchain network. Most importantly, in solving various problems facing economic sectors today.

Difference between Alephium and others

  1. Alephium team has been able to achieve the next massive step in Blockchain scalability. Alephium stands as the first platform with a practical solution to increasing transaction per second on the Blockchain network.

  2. Alephium is easy to use, secured, and efficient.

  3. Supports Cross-Shed transactions.

  4. Developers can build dApps with a high synchronous framework while maintaining the Turing-complete functionalities of smart contracts.

Use case

I will generally speak on one use case, which will contain the features of Alephium discussed above.

Tom is a new app developer and sees the future of dApps as bright as the stars. To compete with other developers, he knows he has to create something better that will make people use his app. Tom decides he needs speed and high performance to beat his closest competitor. Alephium provides all the features required for Tom to succeed and decides to use Alephium for his app. Tom app becomes a hit, and reach 10,000+ download under a month. His app usage has increased beyond his expectations, and he adjusts his app settings via Alephium to cater for the surge in usage without compromising performance and quality of delivery.
Alephium has helped Tom realize his dreams/goals as a developer.


With Alephium, the sky is just the starting point for developers, investors, and users of the platform where the main aim of global adaptation of Cryptocurrency is closer to being achieved.
Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let's all support this project as its a step closer to the global adaptation of Cryptocurrency, which will benefit everyone.

For more information, follow Alephium on the following:





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