A sad ending to a nice vacation

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We're back home!

I'll just go choronological here and get to the sad ending later in the post.

Header sunrise

So yesterday, we went out for dinner with the family. We waited at their cottage for it to be near 7 in the evening while most were already hungry. So we were happy to leave to go to the restaurant at the park's center.

We went to the grill restaurant. They give you a map of the place and let you find your own table and they send you away with a little bit of popcorn for on the road. Nice touch for kids I guess!

Everyone but me had a starter. I wanted to keep room for dessert, so I skipped starters! I went for salmon as my main dish and had a chocolate mousse for dessert. The mousse itself tasted good, but the dessert was definitely wrong.

The dessert was a 'chocolate mousse with berry coulis on the bottom'. They topped it off with a few grapes. That's a weird addition to a chocolate mousse with berries. I would have topped it with berries! Or cherries, because that goes better with chocolate. The berry coulis was at the bottom. Sure, that looks fine, but that means you go from a sweet taste to a sour taste. Not the best way to go! I'd rather have the mousse at the bottom, berry coulis next and top it off with whipped cream and a few berries.

Oh well. The dinner as a whole was good and tasty. My cousin's girlfriend had a bad hamburger though. The thing was burned pretty badly and she cut big parts off. When the waitress later came to ask if everything had tasted good, my cousin's girlfriend tapped on the table with the burned parts of her hamburger to demonstrate what had been wrong. They ended up not charging us for her hamburger, so that was solved well!

After dinner, we went to our own cottage and watched tv from bed for a little while before going to sleep. I had set the alarm to 7:45, so we had time to clean and have breakfast with the family, before handing in the keys and going home.

My boyfriend got a phone call from his sister at 7. Her husband was in the hospital. So we cleaned and packed up the car before heading for breakfast and we left pretty quickly after breakfast to head over to the hospital on our way back home.

We got a call again in the car. He had passed away. No prior indications, it had basically happened overnight and in the morning. Only a few years older than we are and with two little children and a wife. Can't get much more sad than that.

So we were at the hospital for a while to support my boyfriend's sister, together with the rest of the family. Then everyone went home and some family is with her now.

I can't imagine what she is going through and how rough the road ahead will be for her. I feel so sorry for her and her children, though I doubt our little nephew will really understand. Our little niece is still a baby, so she'll have no clue.

It's so surreal and basically all I can think is how bad I feel for them. I'm glad she has a lot of family living nearby, so atleast she'll have help and support close by.

For us, life continued when we came back home, because we had to unpack, make the beds, do laundry and buy food. My boyfriend's dad is coming over for dinner tonight and I'm sure it'll all still be very surreal.

We had plans to go to my house tomorrow to clear out the place and clean it up and then drop off the keys, so the selling process could finally start. We decided to still go through with that. It's not like we can do much for my boyfriend's sister right now, because she will have so much going on this week.

We'll try our best to finish it all tomorrow, so we'll have one less thing to worry about. Other than that, we just have to let this sad news sink in and be there for my boyfriend's sister if/when she needs us.

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very good story friends, may your relationship last forever @playfulfoodie

I hope you enjoy your time

Glad you had a good vacation, but so very sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s brother-in-law. Praying that your hearts are comforted by happy memories of him. 😔


Thank you very much @mrscwin :-)

So sorry to hear that @playfulfoodie. What a terrible shock for you all. It's so hard to get your head around in one so young and when it's sudden like that.

Sending you heaps of love. Hope you will find comfort from each other in the days ahead. 💙


Thank you so much @gillianpearce, it really is a terrible shock.


I can understand that @playfulfoodie. I have been through something similar twice in my life. I'm glad that you have plenty of family and support around you and for each other. That's what gets you through. All you can do is take one day at a time and do what you need to do take care of yourself. 💙

so sad news. I pray for yuor boyfriend,s sister.@playfulfoodie.


Thank you very much :-)


Thank you very much @acidyo

Oh no! I will keep you all in my thoughts for sure. Especially the little ones.


Thank you :-)

Good post...

Gosh, that is so unfortunate, Condolences! At some point we will all experience what you've had to go through and I suspect the next few weeks will not feel quite right but, I guess in times like these, being that pillar of support for family and friends is what gets us through these unfortunate moments of life.

It'll be on my to do list to make sure I give everybody special in my life a good hug when I see them tomorrow. This could happen to anybody! (The stranger on the street may not appreciate me running towards him for a hug though!)


Thank you @pandanwaffle. Yeah, this could indeed happen to anybody, so it's times like these when you realize you have to show people you care :-)

Sometimes we should learn to expect anything in this life!

Sounds like you had a great time during your vacation! I'm very sorry that it ended that way though! I hope you all get the chance to say goodbye to him, and one day the kids might understand what happened. I wish you all the the best for the upcoming time!


Thank you very much @theywillkillyou. It's so horrible for the kids to have to grow up without a father. They are still very young though, so I'm sure they will grow to be used to it and not know any better. In some ways that might be best, though ofcourse I wish this could all be different.

Nice one😌

A good story ,, really a bad ending !

Sucsesfuly @playfulfoodie I,m from Aceh!