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I am having the worst time keeping the fire going today.

It just doesn't want to burn! It simply smolder a bit at best. Had to re-ignite it twice now. Oh well, maybe it'll keep going this time.

The sun is shining this morning, but don't let it fool you. There's rain on its way, and lots of it!

Soooo, I told you about my first purchase with the Advcash card, right? My crypto goes euro creditcard. The order arrived yesterday!


Look at that pretty sight! All payed for with Steemit earnings! I am so happy! Ask my boyfriend, he'll tell you I wore the biggest smile while unpacking all of this!

There's a few things for tea there, some for baking, some liquorice (my favorites are the 'Brussels manneke', or 'Manneke pis' ones. Oh my gosh, they taste so good, but they hardly ever get sold at regular stores), some chocolate and cookies! And also a few handy tools for baking.

I got actual cups for measuring now. See, we simply use grams, but many of the recipes I find work with cups and I was always translating it by googling cups to grams for different ingredients (because ofcourse, they all have to count differently!). Now, I don't have to do that anymore, yay!

And most importantly, I also have mint extract at the cabin now. So I can start making the things I wanted to make for two days now. I've already started the first step!

Wait, let me get breakfast...

So, plans for today. Some steeming, working with my mint extract, and maybe wash my hair. Also, we'll have dinner at my boyfriend's dad. Oh, and I'll probably order the physical Advcash card today aswell. Gotta grab it while the discount is still in place, right?

I've been thinking about checking on Guild Wars 2. I think I might log into that today, though I won't be playing much of it. I miss my own desk, because the table I'm using now is just a little bit too high for me to rest my arms comfortably.

Well, never mind that! I'll probably end up afking in Black Desert Online again!

Have a good day!

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something very interesting happens right when you take out digital funds from a platform where you write and communicate with other people. it changes the way we look at money, relationships, materials, property. or at least it did for me the first time i got a 'payout' from crypto. i'm super thankful for it and that it exists.


I completely agree! I'm so grateful that the interactions we have here can actually help us (if even only just a little) financially! I'm so happy to have found Steemit :-)


yeah it's rebooted my thinking of a lot of areas as a creator/creative. given me room to consider and think which is valuable.

Your post has touched my mind.
You wrote so beautifully, that started to follow you.
Thank you. For your great writing and for sharing

Wow, so happy for you and your purchase it looks amazing. Baking is so fun. I have been playing a ton of Destiny 2 myself, but I loved the time I spent in Guild Wars 2. Have fun with it, its a pretty good game.


Thanks! I ended up just updating the game and checking in. I did see our old guild leader returned, so that should make for some awesome evenings in World vs World! Later maybe :-)