What Steem has been doing right

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We have gone through a lot of ups and downs with steem but, what amazed me is how it emerged stronger on every issues it encounter. It simply surf through the huge waves that are trying to bring steem down.

The fascinating thing about steem are the creative ways of its evolution. We have been steemin' for over a year now with the Photocircle project, and have been modifying our program based on every turn that the steem ecosystem take. We improve on every steem tools that we deemed helpful to the community.

One of the tools that we are currently looking at is the one that can help us on-board more users that are able to contribute to the betterment of the steem blockchain and the ecosystem.

In our past articles, we have stated our intention to help new users by looking into their "introductory post" and welcome them by curating their contents. We intend to start this initiative together with the intention to on-board new users outside the steem blockchain.

With the latest Hardfork, our account's SP has created two resources, the Voting mana and the Resource credit. The voting mana is the metric for curation while the resource credit is the individual pool of resources for every actions that we do within the blockchain. The higher the SP the more RC that anyone can utilize. RC is cheap when used to our usual activities like voting, posting, and any other transaction especially, when an account holds a ton of SP.

An SP of more than 5000 has so much resources that is almost impossible to deplete in a given day and so there is so much surplus for us that is waiting to be utilize.

Having that on mind, we realize that there is a way to utilize it that could be beneficial in terms of on-boarding. That is the "Claiming of new Accounts". It was made possible with the use of @steemchiller's www.steemworld.org. It's one of the best tools that was created for steem users like us. Using our unused Resource Credits, we are able to claim new accounts once every 2 days. Few weeks ago, we have started claiming new accounts and up to date, we have claimed about 15 new accounts.

These new accounts are simply waiting for their rightful owners.

Our goal is to create an avenue for new users to thrive within the steem blockchain and contribute their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the whole community. Well, there are more than one ways create an account in the steem blockchain, some are also free but takes a lot of time while some fast but it requires a certain amount of $$ as payment.

We wanted to utilize the resources that we have to on-board new users.

So, if you have friend that are interested to join the Steem community, feel free to contact us through our discord: photocircle#3406

If you think that you know someone that are producing quality contents outside the steem blockchain and you want to invite them to join our awesome steem community, feel free to refer them to us as well. We will be happy to be of assistance on this matter.


Have a good day everyone!

Photocircle team

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That's pretty cool.. I look around if I have a friend who is interested i will guide them your way. 😎

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Great! Thanks for your willingness to participate 😊

P.s. we will provide the giveaway the accounts free of charge and it doesn't require a long wait.

Very cool initiative! I don't know anyone at the moment, but if I do I will know where to go. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks for helping this initiative :)

Hi. Can you create an account for my sister. she is interested. I dont have enough resource credits myself. thanks

i know someone, its my sister, she wants an account, i tried to do it with my own account but i dont have enough resources, if you are willing to do it please message me thanks.

I think you meant to reply to @photocircle :) They will help out.
I don't have enough RC myself.

No, I replied to you cause you showed interest to create account for others.

No :) Its a misunderstanding then. I meant that I will direct people to Photocircle. He is the one that offered to create an account. Not me :)

ok. i commented under his post. how do i increase my reputation so that i could create new account. do users are allowed to create new accounts?




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