I bought my first house!

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I thought it might be time to share what I've been upto in the last few weeks.

As many of my friends here know my friend and housemate died last year without a will. In order to honor his wishes I stepped up and volunteered to be the administratrix to his estate. It has been a long and heart wrenching time settling his affairs and dealing with his possessions.

The one bright spot is that I found a house I could afford to buy outside of town! I closed two days after my birthday last month and what a Birthday Present to myself!

This farm house was built in the 1930's and fully renovated within the last 10 years. It sits on a little over half an acre. Unfortunately the lot is long and narrow and my neighbors are rather close.

It was vacant for a year after the previous tenant moved out and when the homeowner could not find new tenants it went into foreclosure.

I have two major problems. Well, one major... The house was not winterized properly and several pipes have cracked.

I bought an endoscope camera and the $40 I spent was well worth it. I have dime sized holes in several walls and ceilings but I was able to find the leaks without doing too much damage.

Both bathrooms and the kitchen had pipes burst.

The second problem is the entry way floor. The gutters on the back of the house were damaged and water was allowed to run into the house under the french doors.

The subfloor and several floor joists have to be replaced.

I'm also going to replace the flimsy french doors that are here. @zoee might get a doggy door as well.

This week we plan on finishing the repairs to the plumbing, floor joists, subfloor, and french doors. I hope to have decided on tile or wood to replace the floor. I like the look of wood but being an entryway with a history of getting water damaged I might end up with tile.

More to come as I move in!

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Congrats on becoming a homeowner Patrice. Sounds like your pretty handy to have around the house as well.

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I removed you while in investigate. A quick look shows you may have been identified as a sock puppet account of davidding.


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Thank you very much.


@Patrice No wonder you bought a house with all the self upvotes you give yourself





Hi again,
Congrats on the new home and project.
If you need any wisdom from my 35 plus years in the construction/remodeling business just ask.

It is a pretty house I hope it gives you warmth health and many happy times.

When @lovenfreedom and I bought our house 6 years ago we had to move into the garage while we fixed it up enough for us to move into the back half.

It took us about 8 months to completely remodel it. We put a new roof, AC/heat pump, all doors, cabinets, baseboard, paint, tub, plumbing fixtures and valves, and we installed tile throughout the house.

3 of our 4 children have been born here now. We have 9.2 acres and its still much work to be done it was also abandoned and a repo.

Now that the children are getting bigger we're thinking about adding some rooms and another bathroom. It will be fun and we will post about it when we get to it.

We are happy for you we know how it feels. Did you pay cash or finance?
We had a Construction loan for the first 9 months then another loan for 3 years and now it is ours if you don't count the fact that you have to pay taxes to the county for ever.

Congratulations moving into your first home is very exciting.


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Great house.
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No wonder you bought a house with all the self upvotes you give yourself

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Hey patrice! Thank you for protecting us against bots! I would have never known that cryptoindex was just spam because all of the comments it leaves are different. Haha. Have fun fixing up the new place! I love that kind of stuff.

wow..i was happy for your new home,that house was unique using blocks on the wall is one of my dream house.

And i was agree on the place it's quite and fresh air i'm sure..great choice @patrice

sir why friends account on flag same mack-bot what is wrong my friend @khalis


congrats sir
this shows that you are doing well

keep safe, more blessing on the way

GZ. Enjoy reno:)

Dear @patrice,
congratulations with your house, nice post to read.
I have a question for you, can you explain to me why @salahuddin2004 gets downvoted everytime he post something? Is there a way how we can solve this situation, hope to hear something from you soon.
Thank you for your reply!


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I think he was added by mistake. I think all he was doing was self voting comments. Which I don't get involved in.

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Good evening @patrice,
Thanx again for your response!
I do not understand exactly what you mean, but I do not see anything strange. To be honest I sometimes feel embarrassed at times, because I know for sure that @salahuddin2004 has a lot more work on his contributions than that it gives him something.
I am very happy that it has been solved, thank you!!

The house is still nice, maybe it needs a little repair to be more comfortable to be in place.

I'm just really hoping you paid for it with SBD's or it doesn't count. LOL,
Congrats and I hope you plant a garden.

You out here buyimg houses whilst your bot downvotes people just trying to make a living.

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Where is the house? which state/county?

Unsure of the beginning of your article, did you buy the house with the estate money of your friend?

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Congratulations @Patrice! Sorry for your losses, but I'm glad to see you occupying your time with big renovations.

Oh wow. I love it. The big plot of green land is just amazing. Whatever you have to do with floors/walls etc will be totally worth it!

sir why did you flag me ,have i done anything wrong?

Sorry for the loss of your friend, I went through the same in 1999 and was his executor for his estate too.
Congrats on the house! It's adorable! I will never forget my first house purchase! It's a journey that makes life so worth living!

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Dear @patrice,
congratulations with your house, nice post to read.
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Dear @patrice,
congratulations with your house, nice post to read.
I have a question for you, can you explain to me why @myominaung gets downvoted everytime he post something? Is there a way how we can solve this situation, hope to hear something from you soon.
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First off, congrats with buying a house! I really like the looks of it, but it seems like a lot of work to fix all the pipes and other problems. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes, @patrice :)

@patrice. I apologize for the error in my posting that breaks in steemit media. please clear my account from flag. I will not repeat it again

Great house. Love the bricks. Love to be in the forest. Seems like a lot of work, but it is worth it to fix up older houses which were generally built better.

"Neighbours are close", try living in a terraced house :p

Looks great though! :)

This is such an adorable little farm house! I love the pale orange brick. I LOVE this time period from 20's to 30s. I don't know what it is. We have tons of them in my home town and I'm dying to go and renovate them someday. I can't believe you know how to do all that stuff. I'd be at a total loss...

P.S. I DM'd you about coming on to interview on my show. I hope you can join us! I think it would be really great to have someone like you to chat with on the air.

Aw, the location is just mmm! Congrats man!!!

How you liking it so far?

Dear @pactrice. Hope you are doing well.
This user @cherryzz got downvote everytime she made a post or reply to a post.
I checked her posts, there weren't anything wrong with the posts.
Can you investigate this and remove the flag from her account? Thanks a lot.

Thank you for eradicating spam:D
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Wow I had no idea of any of this Patrice, good for you..... I have been in real estate nearly 30 yrs --- there is a lot of work there but your house looks great.

I do not know at all where you live, hope you can grow some food. I like that metal roof!!!!

I came here to find you on this actually LOL......and thank you again for all you do.

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Oh my goodness @patrice its a beautiful property I can't wait to see the before and after photos.

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Have a good day.

Apparently I'm way behind on this one.. but you could invest in adjusting the slope of your patio if there is a history of issues where water reaches the house. I imagine if you redirect the water away from the house more, you would be able to keep the wood floors... unless you just prefer a tile entrance (which is definitely not a bad option).



Hey there @patrice .... as apparently is not an isolated incident, your flagging accounts are flagging my material. I don't really care how you have them set up but it definitely needs to change considering I'm not the only one with these issues.. yesterday I spent SIX hours on a post(literally 6 hours) writing and I woke up this morning to a downvote from your bot. It didn't do much but it still sucks when I'm make about $0.12 per hour as it is. Congratulations on buying a home, help out the little guys and change your bots.

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Congrats on buying your first house! That’s very exiting. It looks really nice and it’s always nice to have some space (not right next door to another house or two) and privacy.

I like that little tiny camera! I need to get one of those as I do a lot of home repair and troubleshooting around my house.

It's in the middle of such acres of land and I can see all the broken spots you've stated that needs to be renovated, nevertheless, you've got yourself a beautiful new home, and it's quite a huge milestone.

Happy be-lated birthday.. nice house a little work @patrice and I'm sure it'll be great. Hope all is well.

hi @patrice, guilty parties contacted me, have you talked to him? have you replied to idikuci? Hello? anyone home?

Congratulations! Looks like it could become a sweet new home.


Only saw this now. Congratulations.
Hope you have enough time to get it ready for winter. :-)


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You were added for comment farming.

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